文豪ストレイドッグス わん! (Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!) – Volume 4

We sped up more than double the speed. I mean I up for it I don’t know about the others


Another one already animated.
And once again we are reminded about Dazai’s cynophobia.
It had a very weird vibe to me, with Dazai sitting randomly in a box in some back-alley. :thinking: Wtf.


And here, another fairy tale parody.
It’s interesting how some fairy tales are so regional and not really known outside of their country of origin and some got international fame and became sort of universal experience for children across the globe.
Anyway, I think the roles were very fitting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Two questions:
Page 105
What does 身分違い means here? That she doesn’t fit with the rest of royalty?

Page 107
How does what Kunikida said connect to what Kyouka said? Or maybe it is supposed to seem disconnected because it is only for speeding the action up?


And the return of the guild. Once again, it should feel fresh, but since I’m not invested in these characters as much, I have mixed feelings. Maybe I just want the original cast all the time.

Another two questions:
Page 119

Is this Steinbeck? His silhouette got a hat, and then there’s no hat, and it’s weird of him to be asking this question…? He should know, right…?

The last page:
I simply don’t understand this panel.


@Whologist’s post from the misc discussion:

It seems like you appreciated Box Dazai more than I did ^^"

Answer to Aislin

I thought the exact same thing

Did he had? I thought he just talked to Atsuchi about dog and he ended up wanting to live as one.

身分= is social standing and 違い is different so I think it says that she knew that her social standing would be different(after being throw out of the castle) but there is not even boiled tofu.

She ask if she can stay there. Kunikida says the wolrd is not a easy place(means no) she answeres “I will do anything(to be able to stay)”

I had to look because I was confused like you. It seem to be Post guild-warsteinbeck. I am not farther than the anime but it seem his appearence changed after that event. No idea for the silhouette. A picture here. Might be a spoiler so I hide it. I haven’t see that thing and I don’t feel spoil but just to be sure. image

Same. it feels like “The two that were left thought that it was similar to the guild chief weirdness???”
He spoke about money just before so I suppose his love for money is the same as Francis? Maybe? Someone else help?

Chap 65

I saw this one in anime before. Never thought I could see Chuuya cry on a drama theater.

Why is he drinking in a box? Has Chuuya adopted him and gave him steak and wine?

That is a reference to the Shrimp plantation from a previous chapter right? This is a picture book about plant but he talks about shrimp right? If it is I really like it. Akutagawa is too precious.

Chap 66

For once the fairy tale wasn’t too much butchered. I was surprised. As Aislin said the roles were perfect.

Chap 67

I barely remember this character apart from one scene in the anime. I don’t know how to feel about this chapter but it was interesting. I must say scaring Chtulu is a feat in itself. Or at least weird him out.

His he the only one who can see his power?
I never thought he was thinking of himself that highly. Seem like the real author wrote an autobiography. I like the reaction of Edgar Allan Poe.

Re: icefang


It’s phrased as “苦手” here, but it was also mentioned before in the other chapter (& real Dazai short story), that’s why I’m calling it a phobia.

Thanks for the help with the rest! :bowing_woman:

I love that interpretation :heart: At first I thought he’s just drinking some random alcohol, but now your version is canon for me.

I think so too.

That’s how I interpreted it.

Yeah, I was also trying to google if he really wrote some kind of diary and found this autobiography… apparently set to be released 100 years after his death? Wow, that’s… actually awesome that someone really did compile and publish it for him after a century! Maybe he deserves his praises.

@Whologist ?
We’re talking about the last panel in the 67.

Re Answer Aislin

For me, I was sure he said “I asked Atsushi if he was bad with dogs” Because he said Atsushiに and not 敦は
I was sure he just talked to Atsushi about it and then he naturally just wanted to try it.

Glad you liked it. I just read something like “he got used to it”. I remember Dazai not buying wine in a previous chapter while Chuuya liked it. Dazai did not liked wine so why does he have it now… Chuuya now read a book to keep a dog… I made a link

That’s pretty awsome


Sorry for such a slow reply, I’ve been really busy and haven’t had a chance to catch up with anything to do with Japanese really let alone reading :sweat_smile:

I don’t mind if you guys want to read ahead, I can read through the chapters at a slower pace and look through the threads.

Thank you, I hadn’t even realised myself until you pointed it out :grin:


That’s basically it ^0^
ギルドの長 (The guild’s leader)
の変なとこ (strangeness)
が似たな (looks similar)
残された二人は思ったとか (the remaining two thought)
I highlighted the particles that were connected so hopefully that helps a bit.
Basically “The remaining two guild members saw (Or ‘thought’) a similar strangeness in him to their boss”
I hope that helps \o/


Thanks for your help/confirmation!

Thank you, now my conscience will feel cleaner :innocent:

It’s not confirmed it’s wine, actually… And he was drinking from the bottle before, in Wan 27:



I was right? :sob: It seemed too weird to be it. Seem like I’m more intelligent than I thought.いいね!
Thx for the help

Oh! I remember that… well well well you got me there.


I think if I remember correctly Dazai likes wine. He just doesn’t like the wine Chuuya was buying because it was ridiculously expensive. To him, alcohol is alcohol, so he doesn’t know why you’d spend a bunch of money on something “high end” if that makes sense…


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Already over?

"Chap 68

I had no idea what Atsushi was saying at first. Only after I realized they were doing imitations. I loved Yoshino sensei’s imitation of an almost dead Atsushi. Then Dazai trying to send Atsushi into an all-girl school. Did Dazai want to look for a double suicide partner? I liked that at the end Dazai looks like he was in the hospital. He failed his suicide again.

Chap 69

My favorite graduation is the Akutagawa one. Btw is it just me or is やつがれ always make me happy to hear? I just love it for some reason. I always need to say it myself.
I also wanted to say that I learn the thing about giving the second button really recently on a Twitter one-page manga thingy. Basically, the second button is the one close to the heart so it’s like giving your heart to someone. It’s a love declaration.

Chap 70

The collabo things are all real right? That was the joke right? Btw the いけめん Dazai was something. No sure why the space vegetable but I guess it would be a luxury product… Then again fruits are already a luxury in Japan so why not vegetables.
I laughed when Dazai talked about losing his job. Not like he was ever working.

Fun fact(finally my turn)

Apparently real life Kenji was a farmer which explains his look in this book. He also hates cats which in why in one of his story the cat is evil. Why talking about Kenji when he wasn’t really present in this week? I listen to one of his books that’s why.


I felt sorry for Atsushi in this one ;_; Usually it’s @Whologist who talks about protecting, but this time I was feeling protective.
Your impressions weren’t worse than Yosano’s/Dazai’s, Atsushi! :sob:

I didn’t think it was a hospital, though. For me it just looked like ADA’s room.


This time I wasn’t sure what was happening at first. I thought it’s an alternative universe comics again, but it seems like it’s a regular universe and Higushi just started imagining things.

Yes, やつがれ always amuses me too! :laughing:
I once read a Polish review of official Polish BSD translation, and the reviewer thought that the Akutagawa pattern speech seems too overdone. Umm, no, sorry, looking at the quotes in the review, it was a really fitting choice :joy:

Oh, thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I was going to ask about this!
Is it only done on graduation day or could it be done on any day?

For me, it was also a first time seeing よろしく written as 夜露死苦.

Is this the same situation? As in, some fancy kanji chosen for their pronunciation and maybe “cool” meaning, but in the end, not really meaning anything deep?

I also wanted to comment on this:

Because it’s a reference!

Aozora link: 梶井基次郎 桜の樹の下には

First sentence:

It’s Kajii’s story, though, Gin stole it :grin:
Btw, Gin is a weird case, because she is an important character, but she isn’t named after any author.

I also had problems with two bubbles from 137 page:



I think these collab ideas were too wild to be real. Well, maybe beside the cafe one, this one was real, I think there even might have been multiple ones, but for example:


I totally didn’t get いけめん Dazai though. What was he supposed to represent? :thinking: And what was 原点 supposed to mean?



Does anyone maybe know what is the meaning of the writing on the wall here?


守ろう & 切 ??? :exploding_head:

pink extra comics

It was adorable how Kunikida used his skill to summon bandages for Dazai :heart:

But what does circle-circle-園 mean? X-location?

re: farmer Kenji

Well, I suspected something like this, but I never confirmed it!
And it’s quite rare for people to hate cats. I feel like nowadays whole internet loves them in 100% harmony (which might be seen even on WK forums…)
Me personally… I don’t hate them, but I once had to look after a very sickly and suffering cat for many years, and my main association is exhausting responsibility, not fluffy fun.


I think it’s the last @Whologist Wan quote from the misc topic!

Answer to Aislin


Good to know.

I do believe it’s only the graduation day. I mean it would be weird to give your second buttong when you still need to uniform.

I don’t see anything deep. It seem pretty 中二病 to me. Just put some cool kanji with the correct sound and you have it.

I was sure it was her book. I’m surprise to hear she has none. I was sure the real one was a female writer that tried to look like a man to be able to publish or something. Would have fitted.

I swear Gin has the weirdest story. I guess the character fits well.

For the first one it took time, context, and google but I got it. Basically just before he ask everyone to get out of the way because Akutagawa is coming.
特性長ラン is the long coat. You can google picture it. He his showing his back to them, the message on it. He is probably showing the name.
目に入らねか? It can’t enter your vision? can’t you see it?
Combined with the previous text the complete version is:
“Get out of the way because Akutagawa is coming! Can’t you see these cool long coats?(Can’t you see who we are?)”
For the second one, she just asks who do they think the boss is? I suppose she refers to Akutagawa. “Do you think Akutagawa is a school delinquent?” (She just dreamed of him being the nice senpai i na love story.)

I’m not sure either so I would have to get the opinion of @Whologist on this but 原点 is the origin point. I think the basic point, in this case, could refer to the basic character design point? He uses it to show that anything can become perfect with a good starting point… I think…
This part is not clear to me.

“The most attractive point in collabo is the starting point. How about we improve the starting point of the collabo.”
Then he becomes イケメン. so… maybe it’s that?

keep the text/drawing or cuts some part??? This is my guess. He talk about changing Dazai’s leg after that.

It is used to blank out a date, age, or place. In this case, instead of inventing a name or finding one he got lazy and just use OO. Could also be censorship. Copyright in Japan is heavy.

I think it’s because the cat was stealing his crop of something… I haven’t done any extensive research on it so…

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Thaa :sparkles: ~aaank you! :sparkling_heart:

BSD wiki suggests she’s just a by-product of Akutagawa, similar to Tanizaki’s Naomi :woman_shrugging:

  • Gin is a reference to Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s work Ogin. The cross on her choker, while most likely aesthetic, could be interpreted as an allusion to the Christian themes found in Ogin.
    Gin Akutagawa | Bungo Stray Dogs Wiki | Fandom

Well, I hope students have some spare ones :sweat_smile: But I guess it would be less romantic if someone just came with a new button next day.


Funny because when I hear you say Gin was an original I thought about Naomie. Maybe all powerless are original creations.


Except Ranpo of course :eyes:
I-I mean he has a superpower definitely!


Of course… he does have super power…