文豪ストレイドッグス わん! – Volume 5

This is Bungou Stray Dogs comedy manga spin-off Wan! reading club.
This thread is for discussing Volume 5.
Home Thread is here.
Everyone’s welcome, but knowledge of the main series is required to enjoy this spin-off.
(Bungou Stray Dogs itself is not comedy manga. Wikipedia lists it as action/mystery/supernatural.)

Schedule for Volume 5

Week Goal Start Date
Week #1 Chapters 71-77 March 22 7 chapters
Week #2 Chapters 78-83+extras March 29 7 chapters

Reminders for Discussion:

  1. Please blur/hide any major events in the current week’s pages (however early they occur), like so: [spoiler]texthere[/spoiler]
  2. Feel free to discuss grammar, vocabulary, comprehension questions, as well as interesting plot details
  3. Include references (page, panel, character speech bubble, etc.) so that others can help you
  4. We’re all here to learn and read together, so share your thoughts and ask questions!
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Week 1: Chapters 71-77 (7 chapters)
Start Date: March 22
Previous Week : Volume 4
Next Week: Week 2
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Since we’re reading more chapters/week now, I’ll be dividing my comments into smaller portions:


#SaveAtsushi. Again.
Also, now I imagine them messing up with the proper order and struggling to properly go back.
I don’t even ask why this magic suddenly happened. Especially since Dazai should be immune to any Ability.


I-it was so wholesome :sob: It might have been my fav chapter so far.
Chuuya needs more people like Kenji around him.

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I thought we had a break week. Ha ha I need to buy it asap then. bad habits

Edit: Oh! nice it’s coin boost today for that book nice timing

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Oh, sorry, maybe I should have highlighted it better… I mentioned it here (and well, in the date itself):

But you don’t mind it?

Also, happy birthday :tada: :tada: :tada: :birthday:

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I don’t I like it better that way because I love the serie. It made me buy the book and they were in sale so… good timing. I prob just wasn’t paying attention to dates.

thank you

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Chap 71

The switching place was a funny one. At the end I was expecting Dazai to try to change place with Chuuya. The solution to the problem was obvious. Good job to Ranpo to figure out who was who. It seem he did not found the boss.
The first thing Dazai does is try to kill himself and find a wife.
I’m not sure what he says.
“I told you. From my side don’t despair of the world in my body”
I suppose it means don’t kill yourself in my body in a poetic way. Now I want to know if they also steal the other power or no.

Chap 72

Kenji is tooo precious!!! One of my fav characters. This was such a cute moment. I feel his character is entirely about misunderstandings. In the end when he describes what he saw Kunikida and Osamu thinking it is a cockroach then Dazai sad it wasn’t a cockroach but Chuuya instead.
The furigana were used to their limit in there.
We need more Kenji in that book.

Chap 73

Dazai as a manga writer was nice. In the end, Dazai made a magazine when writers pay to have their mange published right? So he just publishes another person’s idea is the joke right? I wonder why he didn’t tell Kunikida instead of making him wait in his room then? Lots of new kanji word in there.
社畜= corporate slave
不夜城= nightless city.
売れっ子= popular person.
Btw the books he published were all real manga with only a one-word difference.

Chap 74

This one was funny. Are all the girls there crazy? I loved their nickname. Not sure what K命 stands for though.
This is the only thing I’m not sure about.

“For the office party of the daughter, I love while using half a year’s worth of money to steal confidential information for a politician but I did not get them back?/I did not pull them?”
The most problematic part is after the けど. Anyone has a better interpretation.
Higuchi just stalking Akutagawa.
That moment when they all see each other in person…

Chap 75

Atsushi just being adorable and Ranpo being lazy. It’s funny that at the end Ranpo just asked him to get candy. Btw why does he have a pet Tanuki? Has that ever been explained?

Chap 76

Kunikida has become good to counter Dazai’s prank. Port Mafia wants Dazai back ha ha ha. I must say that book had a nice title. It’s not clickbait.

Chap 77

This chap was weird. Not sure what to think about it. Nice cultural shovel, scope thing. It’s a nice match with this week’s anime episode. In the episode, Odasaku did say that he wanted to eat Dazai’s stamina stuff. The end was sad.

I realize that these mangas are super short!!! Normally, if in English, I can pass through them super quickly, and since I read them online barely notice when I change from volume to volume.

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Re: 71

That’s how I understood it.
世を儚む means lose all one’s hopes in the world but
if it’s just 儚くなる it means to die; to pass away​, so :woman_shrugging:

Re: 73

I thought he just stole a 同人誌 chapter instead of submitting his own work to Kunikida.
@Whologist, heeelp, we need a third opinion.

Is the joke here that it’s always “today”, so if deadline’s “today”, there’s no deadline at all?

Re: 74

I would rather say “all characters there have emotional issues”. Not just girls :smiley:

I was going to ask about this, too :frowning: Google tries to change it to “苦命”, but it’s a Chinese word, not Japanese. But “ku” reading fits…

There was this one episode of anime where she got some confidential documents for Kyouka’s sake:

As Kyōka realizes that Demon Snow did not kill her parents, Lucy drags Atsushi outside to give the girl some time alone after finally knowing that the ability she resented is actually the embodiment of her parents’ love.
As Atsushi wonders who put the report in the briefcase, the assailant walking down a hallway is greeted by Kajii. He remarks on her generosity for spending six months’ worth of their operating budget to obtain information from the Special Division for Unusual Powers. As Kōyō reveals herself, she tells him that it is for an employment gift, hence making it worth spending. source: Episode 31 | Bungo Stray Dogs Wiki | Fandom

As for after けど, I think she’s just sad that this gift didn’t mean Kyouka came back to her.

Answer to Aislin

It means that he have until midnight to do it so he is okay. He also says later that Kunikida won’t work tonight so if he can catch him before he goes to work tomorow it’s still count.

Thx for the help.


締め切りは「今日」としか聞いていない = I only heard that the deadline was “today”
つまり、何時までかは問題じゃないんだ - So basically, it doesn’t matter when I finish it!
今日の終わり。すなわち「24時」までに終わらせれば締め切りに間に合っているということだ! - The deadline is “today.” This means as long as I finish it within 24 hours, I’ve completed it before the deadline!
Then afterwards he says: 私ギリギリまで遊びたいんだよ! - I want to put it off as long as possible! (Loose translation, a more accurate one would be like “I want to play until right before the deadline ends (and then do it)”)

As for the end joke: Ye basically he had someone with a simlar writing style/interests as him (同好の士) and had them bring him the manuscript for him to self publish. Very typical of Dazai to have someone else do the work for him :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Perhaps “The Mirage”/“The Shinkiro” is a reference to a popular mangaka/author that is simlar to Dazai? I unfortunately don’t have enough knowledge on this kind of thing to figure it out though…

Pretty sure it’s just a shortened form of “K Life” as a reference to her name Kouyou, and also her love for Kyouka.
溺愛しているこの就職祝いに - I wanted to congratulate my child for finding a job
半年分の資金を使いながら - I used half a year’s worth of funds
政府の機密書類を奪ったけど - and even stole some government documents
弾かれてないじゃろうか・・・ - But she didn’t seem too happy about it…

I hope that helps, sorry if I answered some that were already answered/missed some :heart:

I finished the 6th book of Wan and now have to wait until the end of the month for the next two to arrive…meaning I’ll probably be reading the next two books at the same time for once :scream:


For those interested I figured it out (Literally right after posting this but shhh


蜃気楼 is actually a short story by the real life Akutagawa Ryuunosuke. So basically he had Aku do his work for him :sob: Poor guy
蜃気楼 (小説) - Wikipedia


Thank you!

Buut I don’t understand why “within” 24 hours and not “until midnight” :frowning_face:


because today’s meaning is different depending on the day you are???


That’s my point. I thought that he said that he always will finish “today”, because each day is “today” if you’re currently “on” this day.
So, I thought he said he can finish any day “until midnight”, but well, past midnight it will also begin a new “today”.

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I assume he means 24 hours since the phone call.
Say the phone call happened at 6 at night. That means within a “day” of the phone call would be before 6 the next night if that makes sense…
Basically he’s using Dazai logic and deciding a day is defined by its hours and not the date :rofl:


Okay, I can’t argue with “Dazai logic” argument :joy:


Next (but not last) part!

Re: 75

In reality, Edgar Allan Poe never had a raccoon as a pet (although he had a cat that used to ride on his shoulders). This was most likely taken from the 2012 film The Raven, where John Cusack as Poe chose to keep a raccoon given to him. It was, of course, made up by John.[4]
source: Edgar Allan Poe | Bungo Stray Dogs Wiki | Fandom

So, it’s probably a veeeery niche reference.

I want to confirm one thing:

Is Atsushi surprised here that the one solving the mystery is not a famous detective, but a “normal” gentleman?

Also, my handwriting reading skills are definitely too weak for this. Could anyone summarize for me what’s written here? :frowning_face:

Re: 76

Wow, Kunikida was sneaky in this one :open_mouth:

Also, 嗚呼 in kanji blew my mind :exploding_head:

But I think nobody wants Dazai well-being :< (except for Kunikida) I was seriously moved by him being so… happy for once, free of his suicidal thoughts and all. I’m honestly sad that this won’t be permanent.

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And now I’m finished with this week.

Re: 77

The Return of the Kotatsu!

Edit: There was a question here about the title, but I got it just after posting. I was confusing two kanji.

At first I misread “shovel” as" 喋る" and thought they were discussing talking spades.

It was :frowning:


Yes. Took me some time too to understand it but you are right.

You know when I first saw it I just told myself it’s nothing important and skipped it because of the hurdle it looks like but for you…
top right:
bottom right:
top right:
bottom right:
top left:
Bottom left:
I don’t have much time but I can try to translate and confirm my stuff later. Sorry need to do stuff

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