文豪ストレイドッグス わん! (Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!) – Volume 2

Well, you did contribute your help with grammar. Now you just need to write a few more sentences on how you liked these chapters and I will be happy. If you don’t I will be sad. Do you want to make me sad? :sob:

What do you mean emotional manipulation is bad? He won’t notice anyway right?


LOL I don’t have much to say but


Kunikida trying to dance is low-key me. Also I always imagine the song they’re dancing to is the suicide song Dazai sings in the first series
Shinjuu wa~ hitori ni dekinai :musical_note:


I can definitly see that


I love your powers of persuasion :star_struck:
But yeah, @Whologist, your English is really fine, I never noticed any problems with it!
(And I’m convinced my English is horrible too, but I’ve decided to stop caring recently and be happy as long as people seem to understand me. :stuck_out_tongue:)

And you managed to solve the problem with the sentence about police! I though I understood it, but it seems I was wrong because your version makes more sense. I thought it was about girls calling police on Tanizaki for “peeping” on them.

My comments:

Ch 24

Why are the female members of the Agency even being weighted in the first place :question: :question: :question:
It seems… very suspicious, what are their measurements even used for?
Some of them aren’t even Ability users and/or physical fighters.
Odd, very odd.


Yep, 4th wall being broken again :slight_smile:

I’m actually proud of them winning something :clap: :clap: :clap:
And suprised that the contest was even real, because at first I thought it’s just Dazai’s prank. :smiley:

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Ha ha thank. All for the book club.

Here is my little secret for you all who don’t want to comment because of your English. No one cares if you make mistake. People are more interested in what you’re saying than if your English is grammatically correct. Personally, I never realize if they are mistakes because my brain just switches everything back to normal without me noticing. So yeah never saw any problem with any of your English writing. If you are still worried then just download Grammarly. It’s a browser extension that corrects your mistakes.

Answer to Aislin

I believe it’s a Japanese thing. If I remember correctly they get weighted in school then at a certain age by the doctor. Maybe the agency has some health criteria. I mean even though you are a receptionist you can get attacked soooooo… Get ready to run? Or just a bonus for being in the agency. Free doctor checkup.

Normally Dazai don’t put that much effort into a prank no? Unless he is pranking Chuuya. But I get that feeling because pranking Chuuya is fun.


I confused myself for a second but yeah. If it was the police being called on him, I’m pretty sure it would’ve used passive instead of regular form for なる… I think :thinking:


I’m not sure anymore. Could he have said that he was barely arrested? Maybe the police were called upon him and the passive would have been he let the police take care of it? I think we may need another opinion on that one.

Eng planel

Ok it’s fan translated so I don’t know the validity of it but here is what I found
It seems like he almost called the police


Hmmm. I’m not sure if I trust this translator , because in this case, I clearly see some major problems with their English.

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I know I had the same thought. I just put it there in case. I still not sure of the answer myself because both translation work fine in that context

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Week 3: Chapters 26-28 (3 chapters)
Start Date: November 16th
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I am planning to start 3rd volume on 4th January, after the end of the year break.
In the 3rd volume, there are less chapters, but they are longer (about 10 pages).
What is the speed you are comfortable with?
Please, select the speed most comfortable for you, we will adjust to the slowest person. I don’t want the situation when everyone selects slower speed for the sake of others, in case there aren’t any “others” :wink:

Volume 3 Speed
  • 2 chapters, 20 pages a week
  • 3 chapters, 30 pages a week
  • 4 chapters, 40 pages a week

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I’m conscious of the fact that sometimes my working week is so busy I don’t get a chance to read anything until the weekend. I’ve gone with 30 pages since I think I can manage a bit more than what we do now even with a busier week plus any other book clubs I’m in by the time we start reading volume 3.

Chapt 26

We start with a simple different world episode. Not a lot to say except I did not understand that part.

ダラダラ= in drop,gently,slopping
入院 = Hospitalisation

While taking the examination by this guys, in drop and continue hospitalisation.???

I guess it’s something like I will do a careless job so that you will continue to come and give Dazai a job or something. Does someone have a better definition?

Chapt 27

Of course, the stories are not scary.

Chapt 28

My favorite for this week. If I have time I want to try to draw the character. I liked Dazai trying to draw Akutagawa behind Atsushi. The Akutagawa drawing a tiger cut in half and a perfect Dazai.
Btw isn’t real life Dazai a fan of Akutagawa which is the opposite of the anime? I saw that in another anime so not sure about the historical correctness of it.


“You’ve been receiving medical exam after medical exam with him, hospitalized time after time”
診察を受けながら - while receiving medical exams ダラダラと入院し続ける (In this case, だらだら is used as “leisurely,” like he’s just casually coming in and over and over and letting himself be hospitalized)

And then the next bubble is him saying “I’ll put an end to it once and for all!” (For the previous bubble)

Yesss I looked into it and apparently real life Dazai’s decision to attempt suicide several times was influenced by one of his favourite authors, Akutagawa, doing the same in the past. I think the decision to make it flipped so that in their “new life” he gets the total devotion of his favourite author is kind of cute :pleading_face:

(oops enter too early eheh)


Ohhh, I also had a problem with that scene, good to see it has been solved already :heart: Thanks, @Whologist!


Dazai’s one was the scariest for me, because I often had similar dreams! It was a really irritating thing.


Yeah, I agree. :blush:

And the instructions on “how to draw” made me remember this joke:



#1 Volume 7 got a release date, so we got one more volume to catch up to :wink:

#2 Dazai’s 人間失格 got nominated in the Advanced Book Club. I still don’t dare to attempt reading his works in the original, but I think it’s the appropriate thread to mention this. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I’ll probably lurk the thread though, if they decide to chose it.)
(And I’ve recently wanted to check how one thing from it was phrased in the original and I’ve read a whole paragraph and actually understood it. :smiley:)

#3 Volume 3 speed.
Taking into account the poll’s results, I propose the following schedule. If anyone sees any problem with it, please let me know in the comments!

Schedule for Volume 3

Week Goal Start Date
Week #1 Chapters 41-43 January 4th
Week #2 Chapters 44-46 January 11th (anime starts airing on 12th)
Week #3 Chapters 47-49 January 18th
Week #4 Chapters 50-52 January 25th
Week #5 Chapters 53-55+描き下ろし February 1st
One Week Break February 8th
Volume 4 Start February 15th

And finally:
Week 4: Chapters 29-31 (3 chapters)
Start Date: November 23rd
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Same I’ve read some of it online and it’s not too difficult o/ Got some deep quotes man.

Also, not much to say other than this week’s chapters were adorable :sob:


At least there is some gender equality with weight obsession. :clap:



You. Are. The. Mafia. You should be rich!
At first I was terrified that the whole chapter will be set in “old times” and that it will be difficult to read. It was a relief that it was only the first page.
That being said, I had some problems with the last page anyway.

Um, ホーム感? It seems like it should be “it feels like home”, but why weird worship party for their boss would feel that way?


Also I don’t understand this bubble. (The very last one in the chapter.)


It was weird to see Chuuya taller than Dazai. It’s sad it was just Dazai’s tale :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw! Their height difference is based on reality, too, although it’s a little adjusted (which makes sense, because the world population in general got a little taller during the last century).
According to Japanese Wikipedia, Dazai was 175cm and Chuuya was below 151.5cm (below 五尺), so Chuuya actually got a bigger boost in BSD :grin:
And I remember Dazai mentioning his height in 服装に就いて short story (another one with an autobiographical base; another comedy). As usual, I’ve only read the translation, but I remember him whining that it’s hard to get clothes when you’re soooo tall and that he stands out in a crowd.
Japanese Wikipedia backs it up, saying that Dazai’s height 当時の男性としては大柄.


What that person (Akutagawa) finds important and wants from her (Higuchi) is certainly something…
大事なのは - (things) that are important
その人 - that person
してほしいのは - what they want them to do
何か - something
ってこと (ということだ, defining something)

Chap 29

I was sure it was a plan so that Dazai could eat more. I wasn’t that far from the truth

Chap 30

I would have had the same reaction as Akugatawa. A worship party. I didn’t know she was the highest-graded officer in that group. I was sure it was Hirotsu(the oldest). I mean he his the leader of the black lizard faction. The girl just seems like Akutagawa personal secretary to me.

Chap 31

I had the same reaction as Dazai. Why did his clothes also got bigger? I am still looking for the joke with Chuuya’s tear and the name of the lake. The nouns seem similar but not that much.
I love it when in Japanese they put kanji put with another word beside it. Like here つまらぬもの is put with the Kanji for Chuuya’s name

I kinda wanted to try it. Not sure how it will go. Maybe if we read it slowly

oh and the speed for next book is good for me


Does anyone here play the Bungou phone game? (Mayoi Inu I think it’s called…)
If so does anyone know if you can change it to Japanese. I’ve been playing it in English and it’s addictive but I can make this a little less time wasting if I can switch the language at least :rofl:

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