文豪ストレイドッグス わん! (Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!) – Volume 1

Depends which one. Some volumes were adapted into the anime (but there are changes), some are completely new material.

And just to clarify - we aren’t reading light novels in this thread.

My bad mate. I should’ve read the title more carefully :laughing:
I automatically thought this was the light novel thread when I saw the title.

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I think this might be the word?

I think this makes sense given the context

Chapter 18

Yeah, it is funny for me how all these American authors are actually less known to me than Japanese ones :smiley:
And since days only have so much hours in them, I’m remaining faithful to Japanese language&(pop)culture being my main obsession hobby, so I’m not gonna get into Guild characters prototypes anytime soon. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think the only BSD-related book I personally did read as a part of the school curriculum was Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment in high school. I was reading/watching Death Note around the same period, and I decided that Raskolnikov is a pussy compared to Light.
…I think I went a little off-topic with this comment. :sweat_smile:

Chapter 19

Hahahah, yes. It is sad that Atsushi isn’t counted as gentle here. He deserves it! :hugs:

Chap 19

Well he count as a cat so… take it as you will


Week 7: Chapters 19/20*-21 [End of Volume 1]
*should be 19, but I made a typo last week, and now 19 is also covered in the last week’s discussion

Start Date: October 12th
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Next: Volume 2 - starts November 2nd
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It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the end of volume 1 already…


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Chapter 20

Haha, 双黒 being mind-synced even when apart :black_heart: :black_heart:

Random: some company recently released a wine series as BSD merch:

I know it’s a normal wine and only labels are different, but… I am a little sad I can’t try it.

Chapter 21

Wait, Kunikida is proposing using poison??? What about his ideals???

But I’m with Atsushi about wanting to surprise Dazai. I’m a little annoyed how perfect his character is, how nothing is unexpected for him and how all his “surprised” expressions are fake.

So, I’m happy Atsushi succeeded in the end :blue_heart: With so fluffy and warm plan, too.

Random facts about Tanizaki&Akutagawa relationship in real life (no spoilers, just long and off-topic)

This has actually nothing to do with BSD itself, as it isn’t reflected in the series in any way, but I found it immensely interesting and I guess I just want to share this info with more people.
I knew beforehand that RealLifeAkutagawa had a publicized (in magazines) dispute about literature with RealLifeTanizaki, but I didn’t realize how far it went. My info comes from the afterword the to the Tanizaki’s In Black and White, written by Phyllis I. Lyons (translator of the book).
So, Akutagawa actually committed suicide on the day of Tanizaki’s birthday. I… umm… I realize that’s a creepy way of showing affection, but it also shows how deep their relationship went.
(At least Dazai killed himself on his own birthday. Well, a few days before, but his body was discovered on his birthday, so.)
(And I would so love to go back in time and give both Dazai and Akutagawa a good therapists.)
Back to Tanizaki and Akutagawa. They didn’t only quarrel in magazines, they also knew each other personally and Akutagawa even helped a little with Tanizaki meeting his (third and final) wife. The lady was a fan of Akutagawa’s works and invited him to a dance party, but Akutagawa took Tanizaki with him, because he noticed Tanizaki’s interest in her.
Akutagawa killed himself before replying to the final Tanizaki’s essay, leaving Tanizaki with a final word. After that, Tanizaki was asked to write memorials about Akutagawa and according to the Phyllis I. Lyons, Akutagawa treated Tanizaki as a senpai, and Tanizaki was feeling guilty that he couldn’t help Akutagawa with his mental problems and he thought that he failed as a senpai. He also used -kun/kimi when writing about Akutagawa.
The book from which all this afterword details come from, In Black and White, can be treated as a memorial for Akutagawa too, because its main theme is a parody of a literary circles​ from that time.


That’s really interesting about Akutagawa and Tanizaki, I didn’t know any of that

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This book was so much fun

Chapt 20

They are complete opposite it’s so funny. Then Dazai want to be part of the suicide trend. I found it to be funny and ridiculous.

Chapt 21

It was interesting to see Kunikida wanting to poison Dazai.

Down the drain I guess. Dazai have that power of annoying people. I like when Rampo was like my fee can also be covered by candy. I don’t remember him liking them that much in the anime.
The end was so good .Their faces are priceless.

Atsushi is cute as always

Thx a lot again @Aislin for making me discover this serie of book. I will read it all with you guys. Talking about volume 2 when do we plan to start reading it?

Edit: Thx for all the interesting fun facts. I am getting more and more fascinated by these authors

Chapter 20

That was so sweet how they knew each other so well and how they ended up buying the items the other had noticed.


November 2nd!
I already prepared a schedule in the Home Thread.

He definitely did :smiley: In Dead Apple, he even stuffed candies into the safe so nothing bad happens to them during the apocalypse :wink:


I’d forgotten about that part in Dead Apple, I do love Ranpo.

Finished the last chapter of the book last night, it loved Dazai’s reaction at the end to Atsushi’s surprise :joy: the plan was just very ‘Atsushi’ as well. Have I also mentioned how adorable the art has been in this manga maybe mentioned it a bit too much :sweat_smile:

Thanks for organising everything for the club by the way. Looking forward to volume 2, I have it purchased and all.



I have to wait 2 week to read the next volume :scream:


You’re welcome! It’s really energizing to receive all this motivation! :hugs:
Thank you both for your thanks, I guess :sweat_smile:



I try to not spend too much time on the forums but this topic caught my attention and I’ve been sneakingly reading along with you guys for the past few weeks. (I was re-binging the main series a while ago and stumbled on a picture from this manga featuring a magic a trick with a dove that made me want to read it. :grimacing:)
I’m maybe three quarters through volume 1 now so hoping I can catch up with you during volume 2!


Hello :hugs:
I’m honored you decided to make an exception for us :smile:
I’m avoiding the forum beside the Reading section, so I can relate to that. :stuck_out_tongue: The rest is too fast-paced, lively and energetic for me, it’s giving me social anxiety. And, yep, it’s time-consuming black hole, too. :smiley:

Were you using vocab sheet? Despite some initial support for creating one, in the end, it was mostly me who was editing it, and I had some doubts whether to continue with it for the 2nd volume.


That’s my main issue, you start off reading helpful things but end up looking at yaoi hands haha

Yes, I’m using it a lot and find it super helpful! :blush: I would probably make my own if it didn’t exist because I’d want to be able to reread things and not look up everything again.


Wait what? what is a yaoi hand? I know what yaoi is but not yaoi hands?