文豪ストレイドッグス わん! (Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!) – Volume 1

Yay, what a good start to my day


My anime to watch list for January 2021 just keeps getting better and better and better…it’s almost too good to be true.

The art work is adorable…I can’t wait :blush:

Hmm if it’s 12 episodes per season maybe a couple of volumes? I’d imagine given how short each individual story is that an episode could consist of maybe 3 stories?

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(First: awww to the bed gif, even “来た” fits :notes:.)

It would be a nice pace, because that way there’s no risk of them outrunning us. :stuck_out_tongue:
But main manga was doing ~4 volumes/1 season, so it would be equivalent of around 6-7 Wan! chapters in one episode. That feels like it would be very dense, I admit.
There is also an option they would go with some irregular format, like Hetalia, which was 5-minutes episodes.

I guess it’s impossible to guess, but I just don’t want them to use too much material, so I won’t have a dilemma between waiting, watching anime first or rushing with manga. :confounded:

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Sorry for the wait I will try to help you but you made me realize how many things I skip when I read as long as I get the overall meaning.

"Answer to Aislin

1- What’s this ~けりゃ suffix? My best guess is 蹴る.

けりゃ is the informal version of ければ
so it is : “You said you want my help so of you want it shut up while walking.”
some links: here
or here

2- It’s the scene when the “grandma” says Chuuya’s her grandchildren’s age. I don’t understand the grammar the grandma uses here. Is it just “it would be good if I had any grandchildren, though”?

you are right. 居る means to exist. たら is a if and良かった is the past of good.The joke here is probably that she says he makes her think of her grandson(a kid probably) then had if she had one. She calld him a child and we know how Chuuya likes that.(knowing it is dazai make it fun because he know how to make Chuuya angry)

3- I don’t understand the part I marked red.

揶揄う(to make fun of)
って= informal of to say
くるう= to come
だろう= right?probably
“if he knows that, many years of ridiculizing is coming.”
In short if Dazai know of this he will ridiculize him

4- Same problem as above. How does 捨てる fits here, is it an idiom?

I think it’s just the verb to throw away.
“Even my disguising technique hasn’t been thrown away right?”
“He even changes his bone structure right?”
I haven’t found any other meaning for 捨てた

5- Does Kyouka say here that she cannot use scissors for assassination?

“You can’t use scissors as a murder tool.”
Probably a joke because she is a murderer. But it’s common sense for Atushi.
You had it right

6- I don’t understand what’s happening here. Did 夜叉白雪 just also wanted to play? Or did she didn’t like something here?

In the other panel before you can see that Atsushi does not recognize what she made. She just got embarrassed at her cutting skill and destroy it all to prevent further humiliation. She his hiding her face will be destroying it.

7- I want to confirm my translation - so, Chuuya is generally calling Atsushi a crybaby and he gives him an advice to talk back to people instead of crying?


I hope that helped you. I had to search for some of them. I understand some better now thx to it. Sorry for the delay I forgot to answer yesterday.

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I often skip many things in other books/manga too, but I want to have one thing I do as intensive reading and I’ve chosen Wan! for that. :smiley:
Edit: And you don’t have to hurry, just answer whenever you have time!

:sparkles:Thank youuu!:sparkles:

(I may have been infected by @DollyDaydream)

Answer to answer

Haha, so Kyouka paper animals were supposed to be bad :joy: I thought they were just cute, I was so sure of it, I didn’t even realize she was correcting him about the species :stuck_out_tongue: (Yes, it seems clear when I’m looking at the panels now, I must have been tired.)


It would be a nice pace but like you say the main manga was doing more per season, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

That pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter as well, and I have very little willpower to resist an anime with such cute visuals.

Haha what can I say…


(I love the Dazai gif, he looks so adorable, it also shows how good the shows animation was)


Week 6: Chapters 16-18/19*
*should be 18, but I made a typo and now 19 is also covered here

Start Date: October 5th
Previous: Week 5
Next: Week 7
Home Thread: Link
Vocabulary: Spreadsheet

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I’m the first to comment? that is new well…

We had 4 chapters this week but it was an easy read for me because it’s such a funny manga.

Chap 16

Dazai is impressive as always. These stickers fit perfectly over the eye. I found that one funny.
I really love that expression.

Chap 17

This one was so cute. Yes, Dazai is right, Atsushi is a cat, fight me.

Chap 18

We don’t see the guild often so it was nice to see. I did not remember everyone there on the go but was able to remember after careful observation. I found the zimbabwe money part funny not gonna lie.

For those who know Re Zero

I found the 白鯨 after/before Subaru beat it

Chap 19

I love Kenji so that chapt was fun. Kenji is such a nice character. Then they fight to see who has the most gentle personality. :rofl:


Ooops, we didn’t have 4 chapters, I made a typo! :confounded: :confounded: :confounded: It was okay in the schedule. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
…I guess now I’ll read 4 chapters too.


Let’s just say I took some advance then. I properly separated all chapter at least ha ha

EDIT: I just realise do we finish the book next week? That was fast


For now, the first two chapters:

Chapter 16 - comments

It reminded me that I still didn’t decide whether or not to buy short stories collection of RealLifeKajii…
We have this beautiful Polish translation recently published, too… And book stores are decorating it with lemons for their ad photos :joy:

source: Księgarnia Karakter facebook page

source: Tajfuny facebook page

I actually do not know what the significance of the lemon is in the original short story :smiley:

Chapter 16 - question

#1 I have a problem with the part marked red. Maybe… Kunikida thinks here that Dazai wants to poke him in the eyes and Kunikida is saying that it won’t work with glasses…? :thinking:

Chapter 17 - comments

Well they have already adopted a cow in the earlier chapter what difference does a cat make.
And they already have one cat, anyway. I know it’s the cat form of Natsume Sōseki, but still.
Btw, did you know that Sōseki’s book I am a Cat is literally told from the cat’s perspective?

As for Atsushi, well, for me tiger totally counts as a cat :woman_shrugging:

Chapter 17 - questions

#2 What does マメ mean?

#3 Wtf is this kanji.

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Yep, we do! Well, technically it will be 7 weeks, so not that fast.
I hope it means you just enjoyed it so much it went fast for you :relaxed:

Like I mentioned when doing the 2nd volume poll, I plan on starting with 2nd volume on November 2nd.
(That’s a lot of 2’s.)


Yeah it is a manga so it might be slow for it. In the Re Zero bookclub, we do 6 weeks for a book so I forgot the quantity difference between book and manga.

That’s what it mean. Could not believe it’s only 7 week. Maybe because it an ebook for me but I though we had a lot more to go. At least we have more volume after


I made a double post, and now I’m worried that you missed my comments/questions for chapters 16 and 17.
If you just want to reply to it later because it’s more time consuming, then I’m sorry for pushing :sweat_smile:

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I might have miss them I can’t answer then now though give me some time and I will look at it

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Chapter 16 question possible answer?

I initially understood this as Kunikda quoting Dazai as having said that ‘wearing glasses is pointless’ because of the って, even though I didn’t think a quotation made sense. After reading it a second time and doing some Googling I found that verb in the past + て can mean ‘even if’.

That would mean what Kunikida’s saying is something like ‘even if I am wearing glasses, that is pointless don’t you think’.

I think he’s just commenting on how pointless he perceived Dazai’s action to be and the fact he was wearing glasses (which stopped Dazai poking his eyes) doesn’t make Dazai’s action any less pointless. In other words it won’t achieve anything even if he had managed to poke him in the eyes.

I hope that makes sense…? And is correct…

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It’s funny how you block at the same place as I do ha ha.

Answer to aislin


I believe you are right. 眼鏡にする seem to mean to wear glass. That sentence structure is bugging me but I say you got the right meaning. The English version is on your side


マメ it means diligent


撫でる to pat, to caress. He was the only one that could not pet the cat. It’s really sad.

What is that?

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Thanks for your help (and for yours, @DollyDaydream), but sigh I guess I need to say it again - Wanikani seems to be really strict about not-exactly-legal-content. I’ve seen it in other threads and I feel responsible for monitoring this one. I realize you can find some things very easily anyway, and that other places may be not that strict, but I didn’t make Wanikani rules. :woman_shrugging:

In this thread, for example, it’s explicitly mentioned that moderators really do care about this policy being respected.


In that case here ! Problem solve

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I have watched the anime of Bungou Stray Dogs, is the light novel worth it?

Depends which one. Some volumes were adapted into the anime (but there are changes), some are completely new material.

And just to clarify - we aren’t reading light novels in this thread.