广 = "Mullet"...What?

Oh, I don’t know if I ever thanked you, but I once saw you post about yakuza instead of Yankees. Thank you! That one really stuck for me.

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Aww, thank you!! <3
It makes me so happy to know I helped! =D

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This is a list of the scripts I have installed - scripts add a lot of the functionality that makes WK usable for me. Reordering, overriding stupid brain farts/typos, seeing exactly what will come up when…
And then there’s webpages like https://www.wkstats.com that let you see very useful statistics (check this one out, it’s very good).
I’m also grabbing a new wallpaper consisting of all the kanji I’ve learned here on http://hexagenic.net/wanikaniwallpaper-js/

Don’t let the rather basic and rough site itself put you off. Just like a raw ANKI with nothing installed in the way of plugins, WK without any user scripts and support websites is a bit lacking - but the core is great, and especially the pacing more than makes up for the slow start.

I’m now at lvl 7 and have 60-70er batches 1-2x a day. I did WK in the past, to some 20er level and had ~150er batches. I think it will max out at roughly 200ers if you don’t slack off, and that’s every day, even when you’re tired or messed up or stressed and have your head full with other, more important things.

The magical “pacing yourself” people above me talk about becomes a lot more real when the SRS hits you in the face with it’s urgency, regardless of how tough life might be right now.
I don’t say “trust the system” easily… I normally trust myself over any system, but WK does it pretty well.

As long as you stay away from “vacation mode”. That one’s something I’d keep my hands off of.

Anyway, welcome to WK. Give it a week or so and watch the work load grow, and know that it will continue to grow, and that you’ll have to adapt some degree of pain tolerance to get it done. We’ve all been through this :slight_smile:


I’m already heavily leaning to at the very least subbing for a month so…Thanks for the great post. I’ll be taking a look at the plug-ins during the week I think.

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It should be mentioned, the lifetime subscription usually goes on sale around Christmas =)
So if you find that you like it (you should know by then) it will be much more affordable if you consider staying for the long run, and want the ability to go back and always have access =)
Some do prefer just paying for the time used, and only stay in the forum after hitting lvl 60 though =)

I personally bought it full price, cause I started just as the sale had ended =P
Was worth every penny! =D

As a side note, you can tell who has what by their color =)
Gray: no subscription
Blue: monthly/yearly subscription
Purple: Lifetime
Gold: Lvl 60 (regardless of subscription or not)
Pink: Admin


Scripts, plug ins, anki…

Damm I’m old and not tech savvy as that makes about as much sense to me as level 60 Kanji!

Note to self: get daughter to use WK properly so she can sort all that out for me!


Excellent tip!

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I grew up in the US and have no idea who Charlie Sheen is. Nor any of the other names.

You know, I was talking with a friend (also working through WK) and came to this conclusion: I think WK’s mnemonics must be intentionally trying to avoid artifacts of non-Western culture. That explains why so many of them feel so ill-fitting to me: of course every language is naturally intertwined with its culture; breaking that link has a significant cost.

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It sounds worse than it is.

  • Google “tampermonkey” (I’m using Chrome)
  • install it
  • Visit the script forum here on wanikani
  • install the scripts you like from there (they link you to the script page, which has install buttons)

Here, this might help :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree with you. If it’s a specifically American thing, then why is it in the Oxford Dictionary?


Before I try - will it work on my iPhone?

I seem to recall that in the UK we used to take the piss out of the Germans for being overly fond of the Mullet so don’t think it is US specific.

I wasn’t aware of the Vokuhila abbreviation - one to remember.

No. Unfortunately, there’s no way to add scripts to your browser on iPhone. However, there’s been some good reviews of an app for iOS which seems to have the most important scripts:

I’m not a iOS user myself (so I never tried it), but it looks very good and has 5* ^^

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I love the mullet! It is beyond ridiculous, which makes it so much more memorable for me. I actually chuckle every time I see the mullet.


Dictionaries are guides for usages, not determiners of usages per local (ie American vs British)…also, as per the online Oxford dictionary, it also show that the usage of mullet in regards to a hair style, originated in (made popular/common) the 1990’s…probably with the Joe Dirt movie as mentioned.

Up to that point, the normal usage for the word had nothing to do with hair…rather a fishy.

I do know what a hick is, but I didn’t want to think about them (plus i think the term is borderline offensive?)
so I renamed that radical “Streetlight” because I thought it looked like one. It’s working so far.

Dictionaries (especially Oxford) always note if a word is used in a certain variety of a language, for example under “boot” you’ll find

British An enclosed space at the back of a car for carrying luggage or other goods.
North American term trunk

If your dictionary doesn’t do that, then it’s junk.

What does your dictionary say about the slang use of the word?


Funny note, my wife’s paperback Oxford dictionary from 2010 does not even have the word…lol…


Yup, otherwise with someone like me with 75 accuracy you keep forgetting guru items and they drop back down to apprentice lol
Exciting stuff :sweat_smile: