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Chapter 6

Pages 151 - 180

Start Date: 3rd April
Last Week: Chapter 5

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I agree with @NyappyTiramisu who said last week that newly introduced Mogumo’s friend seems somewhat possessive. I wasn’t really sold even when she explained her reasons to Tetsu this week.
On the other hand, I’m not really sold on that whole romance thing. Mostly I’m concerned it seems to have overtaken the plot and the rest of characters.
One of the things I liked the most was the fact that all the cafe workers had a very different reasons to work there, and I guess I prefer the series to have a whole group as a main hero.

I’m also concerned that volumes 2&4 have crying characters as covers. I’m afraid of too much drama.

And I’m really feeling alienated when characters are starting to talk about clothes, bras and cosmetics :joy: I have to remind myself that not, they are not pressuring me, the reader, into anything. :sweat_smile:

That being said, I really like the overall theme about exploring and accepting yourself, about finding the ways to express yourself, about variety between people, and well, general LGBTQ+ vibes and I’m willing to give next volumes a chance.


Oh wow the first one is already over, that caught me by suprise. It was certainly an interesting read and I think I will continue this series (alone or with a club).

It’s a bit sad that this book club did not have a lot of participation especially in the latter half.


Oh wow, I can’t believe this volume is over already! I really loved this manga and can’t wait to read the other volumes.

I absolutely adore the romance subplot between Tetsu and Mogumo, it’s so sweet and wholesome so far, plus it’s great to see a nonbinary character portrayed as a love interest. But I’m also hoping that the series won’t turn into a romance drama. Not just because I’m a huge fan of fluffy slice of life with minimal drama, but like @Aislin I really liked that we got to explore everyone’s identity and backstory, and I’m hoping to see even more of the other cafe workers’ stories. (I’ll keep on waiting for that Wデート lol)

Favourite part of this chapter

Mogumo’s exhausted “暑いわ” after being dressed up in lolita fashion. Too relatable…


I couldn’t help but think how much I disrelate and that is so not me! My sister forced me to wear makeup in my teens (We are going to the mall, i am only allowed to come if I let her put make up on me type thing. So only happened a few times, and i hated it XD )
Also how I’m looking forward to a new breast-binder I just ordered, so guess I do relate in a way anyway :crazy_face:


One thing I’ve been meaning to mention to readers looking forward to further volumes is that volume 4 does have some unexpectedly dark drama in it, so what’s out in volume form ends in a very jarring place. To the point that I think if not a content warning then at least a “hey just know it’s not all as chipper as the first volume may make it seem” is warranted here.

edit to add:
I describe the situation below, if anyone wants to know what to brace yourself for.

explicit content warning about volume 4

content warning for overtly threatened self-harm leading to a scuffle that ends with someone potentially seriously hurt (it’s left ambiguous), all in the context of an extremely unhappy and unhealthy family dynamic.

That said, I remember that stuff as an outlier, the gender stuff stays affirming so it doesn’t betray the readers’ trust on that front (the rougher stuff is an additional subplot), and from what I’ve heard from a friend reading in chapter-form it’s not like a permanent tonal shift or anything like that.

Hopefully that’s not a spoiler to anyone!
I’m looking forward to volume 5 coming out so I can read what the actual ending ends up being!


Oh I didn’t know there was more! I bought all 4, and don’t mind more (I like it so far)
Will skip the spoiler, but can handle the dark.

Is 5 confirmed as ending?


I believe 5 is confirmed the last, yeah. The author’s comments at the end of 4 allude to the next one being the last and I think I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere.
Googled around a little and it sounds like the last chapter is out already, so the last volume might be coming shortly!


I read the last chapter back when it was released and can confirm that it said the last volume is planned to be released at the end of May :slight_smile:


Wow, I was just talking about some “he loves me… he loves me not…”, I didn’t expect it gets this dark (I read hidden spoiler, can confirm it’s really vague).
I usually get a catharsis from this kind of themes in fiction, so this type of drama is actually the good kind of drama for me.

But it’s good to have a warning, so everyone will know what they are signing for.


I haven’t read the spoiler but if volume 4 ends in a dark place I’m really glad to hear I won’t have to wait too long for volume 5 to come out :open_mouth:


Thanks for the warning. I read the hidden spoiler and I’m okay with it as long as I make sure to read it on a good day. But it’s good to know that something like that is going to happen, so it doesn’t catch me off guard (and also good to know that I won’t have to wait long for volume 5).

When I read last week’s chapter I was taken aback a bit by the conversation between Mogumo and her friend. Their relationship seemed kind of weird and a bit unhealthy, to be honest. Although I read the first half of the chapter on a day where I was feeling very bad, so I might have misinterpreted something.

Anyway, I wasn’t able to finish the last chapter yet, but I definitely enjoyed reading the manga so far and if there is going to be a book club that continues to read it I would like to join :slight_smile: Though I’ll probably continue reading even if there isn’t going to be a book club, just maybe after my university project is over.

I had a “friend” like that once who always tried to force me into wearing makeup and clothes I didn’t feel comfortable in etc. That was pretty much the only time ever I was glad about being allergic to almost everything one can put on their skin, so I had a good excuse for not using makeup.
I don’t really mind reading about it though, as long as it’s not the main point of the story.


I tried to use my allergies as an excuse (Atopic Dermatitis) but “sadly” had no reaction, so had to just plain refuse cause I didn’t want to and thats my choice! :rofl:

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Already the end of the first volume!
Quick question, on page 165, I don’t get what Ten is saying here:
やっぱ自作が正義にゃ。。。I searched for more meanings of 正義 but all the definitions I found translated it as justice/right which doesn’t make much sense to me.

plot plot

I expected Kotone to be ~toxic~ but not casual lgbtphobia & throwing her drink at Tetsu after just meeting him level of evil! She’ll probably come around in the end but still… eesh. I’m enjoying the romance drama combined with the talk about sexuality and gender :eyes: Already looking forward to the next volume!

Thinking about the concept of “ゲイ道” without the の as “The way of the gay” made me not take the scene as seriously as I ought to. “The gay path” is also fun, though.


Hmm good question. I think here it’s justice/right as in like, the right way to go / the best. Probably a bit humorously exaggerated in the phrasing (but it seems like Xが正義 is commonish phrase).
The レディースムリ off in the corner is I think talking about women’s clothes - so homemade is the right path because (commercial) women’s clothes don’t fit (and because of being scolded for putting on other people’s clothes…)


なるほど!That makes sense, thank you :blush:
Ten-chan is such a fun character. But I will say someone ending every sentence with nyan~ in real life would 100% get on my nerves (sorry @ ten, I’m part of the problem)


ゲイ道 also sounds a lot like a martial arts style to me lol


Well, while a lot of martial arts are the way of something, there are other things as well following that pattern, such as 茶道 or 華道. Or ahem 衆道 (the way of having a “good time” with other men) (NB: that last is very specific and restricted to the Edo period iirc)