ロウェナの学習ログ・(Rowena's Study Log)

How’s it going with everything?

I am currently suffering from organizational paralysis, and have delayed starting new lessons for “so long” that it is becoming increasingly harder to pick a day to start. How did you organize WK with your uni studies? In my world, some days are just really packed to the point of exhaustion and the thought of doing a bunch of reviews on those days…

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Sorry again for taking so long to reply.

I dropped my uni studies about the same time I stopped WK & my weekly study log updates; my marriage ended last November but I was still having to live with my husband, who had exclusive access to/ownership of 98% of ‘our’ assets but refused to move out, and then became verbally and later physically violent. He was court ordered out of the house at the end of June, but I’m still having to deal with the fact that he left a substantial amount of stuff behind (he’s a hoarder). I’ve just written another email to my lawyers about it before writing this to you.

Under the circumstances, I’m eligible for a full refund of tuition and no academic penalties, but still need to do all the paperwork.

I’ll be restarting the Grad Dip in February when the new school year here starts, and hope to be close to the end of WK by then (though I am struggling at the moment to get the momentum back after taking so long off). If things get too busy, vacation mode will be used!

How many courses are you doing at once? The online program I was doing is organised around 4 study periods per year, so not the traditional 2 semester academic year of my undergrad. How many hours per course are you expected to need? I do love organising/timetabling, so if you want to bounce stuff off me, feel free (I will endeavour to be more prompt with my replies!).


I apologise for the abrupt crashing of your study log, but I just wanted to say that’s horrid, and must have been so distressing and scary for you.

I hope both that situation and your study troubles will smooth out soon, so that you can (re)start enjoying life and Japanese.

Sending all the good robot vibes :robot: :purple_heart:


Belated thanks for your kind wishes and vibes. Legalities have been getting sorted, putting more and more distance between me and him/that life, so I’m on the up, and a good sign of that is that I have been better able this week to start getting back into a light study schedule. I have even signed up to the ‘fall’ reading challenge, incidentally on my country’s first official day of spring :seedling::rose: :sunflower: :blossom: :tulip: :seedling:


And here I am replying a bit late, but such is the nature of these times. Sorry to read about the challenges that you have been facing and I am appreciative of the fact that you feel comfortable enough to share what’s been happening in Rowena’s world.

Since I last wrote, I also withdrew from grad school!! As I tried to sort out the schedule alongside managing the challenges of having kids in two different school, I thought that I was going to lose my mind. Anyway, priorities come first but in the spirit of going forward with my own things, I realized that I need a completely online program. So that’s my goal for fall 2022, by which time I should be somewhere around level 50- something if I can just find the fire to start up again. This year’s goal had been to reach 40 but with the stress of decision making around grad school and navigating pandemic stuff, lessons went on the back burner and I have gotten mighty comfortable with just doing reviews…

That said, I am going to take one class at the local community college this fall just to get my feet wet but that’s an easy work around because it’s asynchronous. My two real hell days run late in the evening so I think I need to sort of my schedule so that new lesson reviews hit in the AM on those days.

I should just start today and get a move on. :persevere:


Sorry to hear Grad School has been set back for you too, but good to know you’re taking care of yourself.

The online aspect of my coursework was nearly like a course in itself :tired_face:, so take advantage of any advanced access you might have to learn to navigate that before your actual classes start.

I know you follow @ChristopherFritz’s study log, so to get back in the swing you could do as he did and have just 1 lesson a day to have forward movement without too much stress.

I was determined to not do lessons until I got caught up on reviews, but then saw another staff post about new additions and realised that the new low-level stuff should be far less taxing, so I’m doing 3 lessons a day. Because of my review backlog, I installed 2 new scripts; [Userscript] Reorder Buttons, and [Userscript] Wanikani Wrap-up Button Enhancement, which together allow me to do my apprentice items on time while chipping away at my more advanced items over the next week or so.

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Thanks for the tip! I have actually scheduled a zoom walk through for the program that I am applying to so I am glad to hear that this is a good idea. The class that I hope to enroll in either today or tomorrow is at a different school but probably uses a similar interface so yay for a test run.

I went ahead and did five lower level lessons after I posted earlier and then discovered that because of the addition schedule I missed two, so yes, having the ability to customize the number of lessons would be super helpful. Especially on Thursdays. :sweat_smile:

I assume @ChristopherFritz uses a script for that?

What kind of backlog are you working through? Nothing in the thousands I hope.

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I use seanblue’s “WaniKani Lesson Filter” userscript for desktop computer, and the Flaming Durtles app on Android, for filtering the number of lessons I do.


Thanks! I’ll give this a shot the next time additions roll around. Looks like I’ll need to go through Chrome.


Nah, I didn’t let things get that bad :relieved:. I’m hovering about the 400 mark, so taking upcoming reviews into account, if I do about 90 a day, I should be caught up in a week. I may also increase my lessons to 6/day to get back up to my actual level at about the same time.

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Right on. Seeing those monster review posts in the forum seriously stress me out. I ended up installing the lesson filter script after all- making that sound much easier than the fumbling around I did- and it feels good to get started again. Now to find a writing app I like because I want to test out that method as a reinforcer. And because I follow the Kanken thread where there was a long and ongoing discussion about writing.


At long last, a post about my plans for the week ahead.

It’s definitely on the light side (textbooks remain in two or three of scores of unlabelled packing boxes), but it’s good to be getting back into a routine again.

The 毎日(まいにち)読書(どくしょ) has been left blank, though I am currently reading an NHK News Easy web article each day, but hope to stumble upon my にゃんにゃん books so that I can finish the last one we read as a group and maybe even read the first book in the series. Not sure if the bookclub will be firing back up this month - @ChristopherFritz, when were you thinking of posting that poll you mentioned?

Next week’s schedule:


For polling specifically, I failed to set a reminder and forgot. (I’m useless without reminders.)

For checking in on readiness for a potential reading start date, I’ve been keeping an eye on your study log.


Awww, shucks :relaxed:

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@ChristopherFritz, I finally found my books :books:! Please post your poll as soon as you’re ready :dog::smiley_cat:


Don’t mind me if I’m completely bothered by the order of the books there…


:grin: I just grabbed them out of the box and shoved them on a shelf, sorting to be done more leisurely; I emptied about 3 dozen boxes yesterday evening.


Well, it’s already most of the way through Wednesday, but I’ve finally got myself sorted back into the beginnings of a routine, so this week’s plan is below.

The daily reading challenge didn’t last long, not because I don’t want to read, but because I was spending nearly as long posting and creating multiple links among my posts as I was reading the news articles (plus my introverted heart was having an attack each time I woke up to 28 new posts in a single thread) . I think I’ll get back to the graded readers until the book club starts up.


It’s been 163 days since the last one of these :anguished:

It’s good to finally be moving up again, but I have decided to reduce my pace from my previous somewhat-regular fortnight/level to about 3 weeks/level. I will be using the saved time on more reading and in a few weeks moving into my intermediate grammar textbook.

I’ll be adjusting my goal in the Tokyo Skytree thread as I will not even finish the 40s by that deadline.


Tomorrow I start the penultimate unit in my Basic Kanji Vol 2 book, so have decided to add a bit of the Vol 1 workbook (red in schedule) back into the mix and to finish that before embarking on Vol 2 workbook and Intermediate Kanji Vol 1.

I am amazed at how much easier I am finding reading this time around and have so far managed to read 3 pages a day; I’m just reading, no note-taking and am only looking stuff up when I really can’t make out what is going on. Many thanks to @ChristopherFritz for flying ahead and making vocab look-ups easier, and unlike with previous book-club rules, I love that you have included the kanji even when they don’t appear in the book (in grey, not black - very sensible) - it just helps everything meld better with WK and my book studies :smiley:.

Next week’s plan: