あなたも殺人犯になれる! ❗ (IBC) - Week 10

あなたも殺人犯になれる! :exclamation:
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Week 10 December 23rd, 2023
Chapter(s) #17 & #18
Start page 147
End page 159
Page count 13
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Name Hiragana reading Notes first mentioned in
赤川次郎 あかがわじろう the author cover
岡本聡美 おかもとさとみ main character, manga course participant chapter 1
箱根 はこね town in Kanagawa chapter 1
戸沢 とざわ secretary general from S Publishing chapter 1
七ツ谷むらさき ななつたにむらさき the female manga teacher chapter 1
菅野尚子 すがのなおこ course participant chapter 1
山名武三 やまなたけぞう the prisoner chapter 2
田所隆 たどころたかし the police officer chapter 2
中島 なかじま local policeman chapter 2
ミキ みき middle school student chapter 3
笠原信二 かさはらしんじ ミキ’s father, course participant chapter 3
百合子 ゆりこ ミキ’s mother chapter 3
宇部果林 うべかりん course participant,『か』of 『カバカ』 chapter 4
馬場しのぶ ばばしのぶ course participant,『ば』of 『カバカ』 chapter 4
加藤ジュン かとうじゅん course participant,『か』of 『カバカ』 chapter 4
富田丈一 とみたじょういち 尚子’s fiancé (full name in chapter 5) chapter 4
堺法行 さかいのりゆき course participant chapter 5
相沢弥生 あいざわやよい course participant chapter 5
宝塚 たからづか Takarazuka Revue chapter 7
長谷川清美 はせがわきよみ lodge keeper/employee? chapter 7
河本さつき かわもとさつき course participant chapter 7
安楽深雪 あんらくみゆき course participant chapter 7
真田万里 さなだまり course participant chapter 7


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chapter 17 & 18 thoughts

I’m curious what benefit 山名 hopes to get from pulling 聡美 into his fake investigation. I suppose if she runs around accusing people, it could start infighting and distract attention away from him? On the other hand, I can’t help but think it would be much smarter to let people keep believing it was a suicide rather than have someone actively looking for a killer within the group, possibly warning others. What’s he planning!?

Also, what’s the deal with 富田 and むらさき? There’s no way it’s going down the way 聡美 thinks.

I learned a new thing: -ざるを得ない. Struggled to figure out the ざる before realizing that whole thing is an expression!




I couldn’t follow this. Is 聡美 saying that 尚子 looks like a 2 year old (sleeping innocently like an infant… relaxed… until she becomes a bride??)

Ch 18


聡美 thinks she might become a pop star, though she doesn’t have the approval/endorsement of any third parties for this?


This confused me for a while. Is this 聡美’s hypothesis that 富田 had just arrived from his meeting with むらさき and was about to broach the subject/start talking with 尚子 but she awoke and a love scene ensued instead?


This is saying their ages only differ by two years, not that the other person is aged two.


That makes a lot more sense than my guess


I don’t have the book with me right now but I will try to answer the other questions at the end of the week if someone doesn’t beat me to it :slight_smile:


~ものの here is “even though ~”; 切り出せず means to not be able to broach the subject; i.e. he arrived intending to have the conversation but was unable to. (Is there a typo in your transcription? That に所に looks odd.)


That’s also the interpretation that I had. Satomi is considering what she’s suited vs not suited for and throws in a bit of a joke that she thinks she’s suited to be an idol, even though nobody’s told her so.


Well spotted
It should be にいる所に

Chapter Thoughts

It’s so stressful everytime “Nakajima” appears out of nowhere or says something suspicious. In a good way haha.
It definitely feels like he’s just trying to do whatever is most fun while also staying hidden. So maybe trying to get others to point fingers at each other is part of that.
Also, before he was officially revealed as 山名, didn’t he say something like he would “protect” 聡美 first if anything happened. Maybe he took a liking to her enough to not kill her first/at all.

Excited to keep reading!!

Chapter thoughts

Apart from all the new mysteries others have already mentioned, what’s up with 聡美 calling “Nakajima” 恋人 by accident. Was that a Freudian slip and she’s really getting attracted to him or has she just been thinking too much about lovers lately?