Wrong Item Info

I got the answer wrong, which is fine, it is wrong, but the item info is completely unrelated.

I do have a couple scripts installed, but I’ve yet to encounter this issue all the while I’ve been using them.

*Edit: I did go back and reanswer it, upon getting it correct the second time, the correct item information was displayed.

Was department that last item you checked ‘more info’ on? I’ve hit this once or twice when hitting more info, but then continuing to next item before it fully loads. Assume its due to ajax call taking too long to complete, ending up having multiple ajax calls going out. ie. ajax call for department goes out, but for some reason hangs. ajax for commute goes out and comes back, but then the department calls go 'wait wait I’m here now, I’m taking over"

They do take forever to load, grrrr…

I think it was Ethan that wrote a script to display some of the info early, since it is available faster than the slow ajax query.

Looking up the script…
Ahh, I think this is it:

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It wasn’t, I have the WaniKani Companion script that auto loads it for each one. I don’t even think “club” was in that review session? Can’t remember now, but if it was, it was way earlier.

I don’t have that script, the one that does it is this one: [Chrome Extension] WaniKani Companion

Thanks for posting this. Just installed. Will be such a time saver!

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