WK Learning Tip -Visual Learning

I also enjoy learning like this.

What I use to integrate the images is this: [Userscript]: Markdown Notes (updated)
You insert image URLs this way:

Very recently I extended this further: I now have a screenshot tool installed that will create a screenshot of a selected area of my screen (where I have e.g. a pdf version of kanji look and learn open; I own it as a physical as well but the pdf works better for this case). It automatically uploads the image to a configured location (in my case via SFTP) and copies the resulting URL to my clipboard.

And then I have a little userscript that detects when I paste this URL into the notes textarea and automatically converts it to markdown syntax so that I don’t have to type the part all the time. I wasn’t sure if anyone was interested since that workflow is a bit specific but I would post it in case anyone wants my little copy/paste helper script.