Wishing for better default synonyms

Why is “doctor” not a default synonym for the 医 kanji card? More than half of the vocab terms that use it on wk’s list are just types of doctors. Whenever I look at this character I immediatly think, oh, doctor. And then I get it wrong and bust a nerve somewhere.

And yes I do know you can add your own synonyms but it still drives me crazy when the most common way a character is used is not at least on the default list.

I feel the same way with 陽 and “cheerful” as a synonym but that one might be a harder sell.


WK is sparing with default synonyms on kanji in general, probably because they want you to focus on the “main” meaning they have created a mnemonic around. I completely agree with your sentiment though.


Hey there,

Thanks for bringing this up, I’m going to let the content team know about it as it might well be something they’d like to change. I’ll mention 陽 and cheerful also while I am at it.

I’ll let you know what they say once they get back to me.

Update: We have added “doctor” to the allow list for 医 and we decided to add “positive” as one of the accepted meanings for 陽 rather than “cheerful”.


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