Why no kun’yomi for some kanji?

I was reading a manga in which 自ら (みずら) appears but WaniKani has no kun’yomi listed for 自WaniKani / Kanji / 自. My guess is that WaniKani hasn’t vocabulary that uses this kun’yomi so it was omitted but I wonder if this happens a lot or if this is mostly an isolated case.

It definitely happens from time to time. If you email them, they’ll probably add it to the page. Maybe they’ll even add the word itself at some point.


Send them an email and they’ll add it. Generally speaking they aren’t going to notice those things unless someone tries to answer みずか for the 自 kanji entry and gets mad. And no one who studies primarily with WK will try to answer that way, in all likelihood.


Thanks seanblue and leebo: I send them the suggestion.

Yeah, I have run into that problem a few times. Curse you former knowledge.
A recent one that thankfully got caught at the lesson stage: 兆し (きざ・し)
Entered きざ, boom, red. I’m sorry almighty crabigator, I won’t do it again

I haven’t really bothered to send them an email, though, since, like @Leebo said, most users are unlikely to have that problem. (兆し isn’t even taught on WK). Also, I’m lazy.
Thank you for going the extra mile :slight_smile:

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