After seeing so many threads about speeding up the WaniKani process and how long you have to wait at lower levels, I just wanted to chat about making it to level 3 and deciding to subscribe. It really felt like a bit of a tsunami compared to level 1 and I realize this is just the beginning that it will just get busier at higher levels but at this point I’ve managed to do lessons/reviews almost as soon as they’re available. Discounting for having to sleep how feasible is it to still maintain a 0/0 queue once you hit level 20 for example?


Very feasible! In the end it all comes down to finding a well-paced schedule that works for you while also maximizing your learning.

Here’s an awesome explanation of how to use WK efficiently by @jprspereira ^^


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Good explanation, bookmarked!


While I totally agree with clearing all your reviews daily, I wouldn’t do all of your lessons in one chunk as it can get a little overwhelming. It’s totally fine to find a pace that suits you- I find that I can cope with doing 40 bits of vocab in a day, but might only do 10 lessons if I’m learning new kanji.

Right now I’ve had 3 weeks without lessons because I felt I had too many leeches that needed rooting out and wanted to make sure I really knew my stuff as I’m taking the JLPT in July.

Of course, I got a lifetime account in the Christmas sale so I can afford to slow down and slack off.


This is also good advice I feel like I did too many lessons at once and I’ve been getting a fair few reviews wrong.

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Oh another thing I was wondering about is my accuracy, vocabulary is by far the hardest obviously and my accuracy rate in that is lower, but I also get both radicals and kanji wrong from time to time:


I’d say anything above 80% is generally pretty good and you shouldn’t worry too much. Due to the nature of SRS, those items that you get wrong will appear more often so you’ll get more opportunities to review them and let them stick better.


It’s very doable, even if you don’t do all of your lessons at once! If you ever need a pick-me-up and to know it’s possible, just go meander around in this thread for awhile!

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I imagine that your vocabulary scores will improve as you progress. In the first few levels, all those number combos are pretty tricky, but things get a bit more predictable as you progress.

I’m on level 16, but I still keep missing the numbers sometimes.


Yes the numbers and counters sometimes feel sooooo random. I’ve definitely messed them up a lot!

Let me just say that if you really get into this, you might find yourself at times wondering what to do in the three hours between your 60+ reviews.

It depends on the amount of time you’ve got, but what im trying to say its sort of embrace it and you’ll find it’s very doable

I installed the self-study quiz userscript, and use it regularly.

Actually, you might want to check out the collection of userscripts… it’s incredible how much you can add to your experience here by using them…

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here use this

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I should have said, your vocabulary scores will probably not stay so much lower than your kanji scores as you progress. If you’re anything like me, the vocabulary scores will indeed end up lower than they are now—it’s just that the kanji will drop even more. But who knows what your experience will be?

Have you had any speaking practice? The “rule-breakers” for counters tend to be fairly predictable once you get the hang of it; they have exceptional readings for the sake of making them easier to say quickly.

Also, to echo @rumade, a 0/0 queue is not necessarily a good thing. Doing all ~80 lessons at once means having a whopping ~80 reviews hit you every time they resurface. I like to do all my kanji lessons at the same time though, so that when their vocab reviews unlock I get a random assortment of everything instead of being pigeonholed into words comprised of only the few kanji I happened to advance first.

Instead of aiming for 0/0, aim for 0 reviews as often as possible, then trickle your lessons in gradually so that you have 0 right before you unlock new ones :slight_smile: