Why area my radicles taking more than a day to come back?

my radicles are one bar away from being in the second rank. even though i usually have to wait for a day its making me wait for 3, is this normal? thanks!

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Unless they changed it, the first 2 levels use reduced SRS intervals, since there are very few items accrued at that point, and it’d be too much waiting. But the 3rd level has the “real” intervals that WK uses levels 3-60.

So it’s a bit of extra waiting, but they’ll show up. :muscle:


ahhh understood, thanks man i was so confused


No problem! I was digging through the WK FAQ page, trying to make sure that’s still the case, but I couldn’t readily find a mention of it. It may be in there, but it doesn’t seem to be telegraphed very well. I’d have been confused, too.


It’s on here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I had a feeling I had seen it! But I was clearly looking in the wrong places.

Then again, if I failed to find it after knowing it was there, I probably would have been in the same boat as Something1343 if I was joining fresh. :joy: