Which word do you use for "schedule"?

I’m not sure whether I should use 日程, 時間割, or スケジュール to talk about my schedule at work. I know that I’ll be understood if I use the katakana word, probably any of them, really, but I’d prefer to use the appropriate word, and I can’t find a work example for any of them.


時間割 is like what students have at school. I don’t think it would be right for work. 日程 feels more like what you have planned for the day on vacation or something. That’s my impression anyway.

I think スケジュール is fine.


So I looked up “work schedule” on ALC and pretty much all their examples use or reference スケジュール aligning with what Leebo says (not that I doubted him).


It’s a pretty good resource to use to find a natural way to say something in Japanese.


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