When you dont study for three days


well done for catching up!
i got less than 60% earlier… lots of burns. i do terribly on those.


I got less sometime ago i didn’t even leave a day

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lol yeah, falling off for even a day or more makes my reviews just so hard to keep up with.



Congrats on getting them done either way!

I can’t stop for any days. I know myself too well.

I have struggled mightily with trying to learn Kanji and every time I stop for a day, it becomes two. Then three. Then fifty. Then 365. Next thing I know, 3 years have passed, and I get back on the horse… just to fall off and stay off again for another year.

94 days in, 94 days studied and while I have some really trying days, like today which will total 165 if I do the final batch in about 2.5 hoursI should be able to keep this manageable.

For those that are able to stop a day or 3 and come back, I whole heartedly and fully salute you for being able to come back!


Now I’m kinda curious on how I would do after a break…
For the past few months I did reviews or lessons everyday without taking a single day off.
I’m going to stop till friday let’s see how it goes… :smiley:

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Have a look at your forecast to know how many reviews you’ll be building up. Go well and good luck!

me same, I remember those avalance of death reviews when I came back, but I’m pretty sure that it will get better the more you’re doing your reviews. just do review everyday.

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I did better than expected… :thinking:
Had 223 reviews in total. Maybe it was easy because I’m only level 8 and still got easy Kanji?

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I don’t really think it gets easier or harder since the SRS takes care of it.

Either way though, awesome job getting 97% of such a large amount of reviews!

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