When to start manga?

You can find the link from https://bookwalker.jp

For iOS, it is exactly iPhone/iPad版利用方法│電子書籍ストア - BOOK☆WALKER


I wanted to start reading mugen no juunin new manga, I tried to read the first chapter, many words I still dont know. :sweat_smile:

Besides, still a long way for my goal to read gekiga that are not translated into English, like those created by Hiroshi Hirata.

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I started with aria at level 10, but i think flying witch is easier to start with.

the best option is anything that interests you and that doesn’t frustrate you. The beginner book clubs are a great place to start since people do the work of putting together vocab lists, and there’s a bunch of grammar questions already answered (and many of us are watching the threads if you have questions)

But yeah, my advice would be to try something you find interesting now, and put it off until you have more Kanji/grammar if it’s to frustrating at the moment. Everyone has different levels they’re willing to put up with, and the most important thing is to find what works for you.

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