When learning new vocab do you read the context sentences

I read them despite being behind on grammar. I don’t understand quite a lot, but at least I can read considerably faster now :slight_smile:.

The first sentence is the easiest one, the second often has an unusual word usage or expression that could be used with or in the context of the vocab you learned and the third one is a sentence you could find in normal, casual text and it doesn’t hold back on vocab or kanji you may not yet know.

Even if you’re behind on grammar like me, you should still try reading at least the first sentence, possibly trying to translate it on your own too, IMO.

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For me it depends on the time I have for studying.
If I do not have enough time (like on workdays) then I usually do not spend much time (if at all) with the example sentences.
And I agree with @davikani, I also wish, the sentences were more basic, especially in the first third of levels…

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