What's something you wish Wanikani had explained to you?

Something I really wish they taught was phonetic-semantic composition of kanji. There’s a great userscript for it, but I wish this was just part of Wanikani’s explanations.They even mention it in the Tofugu Podcast iirc so it would make sense to include it.

Along those lines, if a kanjj is made up of two kanji (regardless of whether it’s phonetic-semantic), I think WK should use those kanji as radicals instead of combining a bunch of smaller radicals.

I guess what I’m saying is that I wish etymology played a bit more of a part in WK’s kanji explanations.

I’m a bit split on whether or not Wanikani should explain these.

On the one hand, I think WK is best as a kanji site and they shouldn’t have to teach grammar. WK shouldn’t be people’s only resource. On the other hand, Wanikani does place a lot of focus on transitive/intransitive pairs, to the point that I agree it would be beneficial to have a little something about it in a few of the meaning explanations. Maybe in some of the first pairs, like 上げる・上がる or 下げる・下がる.

Personally I’m fine w/o the explanation because I was already aware of transitivity rules before WK, but it would probably help with a lot of people’s leeches.