What time do you spend daily on WK to finish a level in 7 days?

Oh wow, I’ve always used the old site then. Thanks for letting me now :smiley:


That is a great habit to keep, and I hope you don’t discard it for the sake of speed. While I completely understand how its gaming quality makes you want to complete it as soon as possible, remember why you’re here. Unless you have some incredible reason to absolutely need to have memorized all of the jouyou kanji in a year, take your time!

Remember that you’re here to learn, and deep learning takes a long time. Yes, you can finish within a year or so, but if that means you’ll be sacrificing quality, then don’t do it. You need to give yourself plenty of time for all the kanji and vocabulary to sink in. You’re doing splendidly already! You’re here and giving it your all, it sounds like, and that’s all that’s needed.

Also, three years sounds like a good amount of time to complete this in! I’ve been here technically since 2013, but I really started around 2017. I’ve had a lot of free time in the past few months, though, so I’ve been able to dedicate a lot of time here to leveling up.

I hope things go smoothly for the rest of your journey!


A lot has already been said here, but I wanted to add something about leeches. I read another one of the “Here’s how I made it to 60” guides (all the guide type posts are excellent).

When we talk about the science behind performance (I’m in the military, so I hear it way too much), we often forget the mental aspect of things and underestimate it’s affects on performance. You can level really fast following the SRS system, but there are always a few items that don’t stick well (aka leeches-- see this guide). Fast forward 5-6 levels of going breakneck speed, and even if you’re disciplined at doing them daily and on time, the items you just can’t seem to remember stack up. It’s a real punch in the gut to do an entire review full of leeches. You feel like you haven’t learned anything and then you crash, your motivation dies or insecurity builds, you dip out, and in 4 months you come back, remember nothing, and reset-- having wasted the time you spent before AND the time lost recovering from mental fatigue. Happens all the time to anyone that does anything consistently that’s hard (like running).

Bottom line: Set a limit that feels a little slow, but when you have a bad mental day, you can still do it. Leeches take priority over new items, because they’ll eat you alive.


Yup! I have done the level-up-every-8-days thing, and it was stressful, time-consuming and ultimately the stuff just didn’t sink in. I’m now doing level ups in 2 1/2 to 3 weeks and I feel much better that the items have actually been learned.

I would humbly suggest, if at all possible, doing fewer lessons every day, and doing your reviews at the set times they appear (i.e. 4 hours after lessons, then 8 hours after that) - daily consistency
on fewer items will see you progress at a faster, and less stressful, rate than a more haphazard approach with more items.


Just in case you’ve not done the maths – 3 years = 1095 days; there are currently 8880 items in WK, so 8880 items ÷ 1095 days = 8.1 items a day.

The minimum amount of time to level up is 7 days. When you reach a new level, you unlock radicals and some kanji. You can level up a radical to Guru in 3,5 days (4 hours to reach Apprentice 2 +8 hours to Apprentice 3 +24 hours to Apprentice 4 and +48 hours to Guru), so you unlock new kanji, which you must level up to Guru (+3,5 days) in order to reach a new level.

Knowing that, I do my lessons at 7 AM, then review at 11 AM, then again at 7 PM. Second half of a level starts at 7 PM, review at 11 PM, then again at 7 AM.

I delay vocabulary lessons 1 or 2 hours, so they don’t accumulate with kanji and radicals. I also do my own reviews between WK’s.

When I’m actually going full pelt I clear my review stack twice a day, 6am and 9pm, and do up to 30 or 40 lessons a day at around 5pm. This method fits in well around my work schedule whilst still working well with the SRS sytem too. When I’m using this method I level up in around 8-9 days give or take.

Also I’m not using reorder scripts either. To be honest doing it this way means all the readings are pretty fresh in your mind too so I’ve found I make fewer mistakes in the reviews. I usually have 150-200 reviews a session this way though so you need a good 30-40 minute to get through them which equates to around one and a half hours per day give or take.

Atm, I am leveling in 6d 22h - 7d 2h window. I do my morning reviews at 7 am and evening reviews at 7pm. If new radical or kanji were introduced, I will also tackle the 4hour window on the days with new radicals/kanji. I sometimes prioritize kanji with a script and sometimes if I have a busy week, I will not do the vocab lessons until my irl schedule gets less hectic.

I’m am an advanced learner, so I have both the previous knowledge and motivation to speed through levels until I reach new material. Since I mostly know all kanji that appears, I do not actually spend time on lessons. I just speedscroll them to check the English definition for radicals, kanji and vocab and try to memorize those. For reviews, I usually finish a stack of 100-150 in 10-15minutes, mostly the only limit is my typing speed.

So, for one review session of 100-150 things, I will spend ~15mins (maybe longher if on phone). I haven’t timed my lessons, but I assume that less than hour. Since I usually finish a stack of 150 reviews and learn new radical/kanji/vocab for new level before one hour has passed.

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Thanks for that. I’ve noticed that timing is super important but couldn’t be bothered to figure out what I have to do to get below 9 days for a level up. I’m sure this guide will help me to that end :slight_smile:

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Yeah that guide made a big difference for me too. I try to link that guide on posts whenever it feels relevant to the thread in hopes that it will reach new eyes. jprspereira is the man!

If 7 days seem stressful, when you reach levels 40+, most of them can be done in 3 and half days :sweat_smile:

It’s perfectly doable by prioritizing items and always do reviews as soon as they come.
For me, fast is the way to go. It creates a routine and this way no slacking off, which is a pretty dangerous situation, since items start pilling up and it’s easy to feel discouraged. Nevertheless, not everyone has the same rhythm. Go as fast as you feel comfortable with.

Hi everyone !

I didn’t expect this many replies, thank you all for taking the time to read me, and answer that thouroughly !

To clarify, I started WK with enthusiasm, and was having lots of fun, until I saw the 7 days level up graphs, found out about mine, and read jprspereira method, some time ago. Then I started comparing myself and felt pressured to go faster, which led to some anxiety.
I mostly see people who go fast on the forums, but maybe, as @Iyaonas pointed it out,

Which makes me feel less alone ^^

What I gather from all I’ve read is that if you want to level up in 7 days you have to make a serious commitment to work your life schedule around Wanikani.

I don’t think I want to do it, as my life schedule is hectic (lots of work and things to do for a while, and then lots of free time), so I will try and go back to just enjoying the process and the progress, without thinking of speed or performance. I will try and follow @XerxesDGreat 's example:

Thank you also to every speed learner who shared their method in great detail -if I need to go fast, I’ll be sure to follow your precious advice !

@ruminzal I found your comment about leeches very interesting, thank you !

@Elbereth00 Thank you for the adorable Quokka ^___^

Everyone here is very supportive, it was a pleasure to read all your comments ^^
Good luck to all of us, let’s have fun !


Something else to consider is that WaniKani users start with varying levels of proficiency and have varying access to kanji/Japanese in their daily lives. I’m pretty sure some people on here had been learning Japanese for years before starting WaniKani and are currently in Japan. I used to have trouble with 急行 (きゅうこう, Express) for some reason, but anyone who takes the train in Japan sees this word all the time so of course they’d be able to burn it on WaniKani in the minimal time.


I think I’m on the slower side as well, at least now that work has started back up (and I study anki decks + bunpro). I’m not sure how I could hit 7 days per levels without quitting my job, and I don’t exactly have a job where I get frequent breaks and am allowed to check my phone whenever I want.

I do I think around 11 days per level now and that’s fine for me. I understand the anxiety part, I felt the same way, but just keep reminding yourself that the end goal is all the same (in terms of level) and you’ll get there eventually. The destination is the same so just make the journey as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible for you.

I have never leveled up in 7 days. My best so far was 8 days and that was level 1, next is 13 days on level 3. Getting to level 6 took over 30 days and it’s probably going to be the average from now till after New Years as work has gotten busy and I can’t do reviews during work hours right now. So I’m putting in 3 hours a night studying through KameSame, KaniWani and WaniKani. I have over 100 reviews at a time and only tackle about 1/4 at one sitting since my accuracy was below 50% for a few days. I haven’t even started on the level 6 radicals yet… still working through the level 5 vocabulary lessons.

I’m not in any hurry, I have a trip to Japan planed for 2024 so I can take my time and get solid with my knowledge.

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I got level 60 over a year ago so its been while, but back when I did 7 day levels I think I could do my 20 lessons and all of my reviews within like an hour and a half maybe?

A big thing is review accuracy and speed. I had the lightning script on my reviews which would automatically go to the next one when i got it right and it would pair meaning and reading together. Paired with 95% accuracy or so on average, I was able to do about 100 reviews in 17 mins if I focused and didnt listen to music. Some people can go even faster, and some people go a lot slower. It depends a lot on how well you know the content and remember the mnemonics.

So true Lol!

By the way, thought I’d share my stats as well ^^

I second this.
For now I am going at a 7 day pace, but I took a japanese course some years ago. A lot of words on the lower levels is something I heard before, but didn’t know the kanji for and I could already recognize about 100-200 kanji. My working hours are very flexible at the moment, which helps too.

I do not think it’s a reasonable pace or enjoyable at all* if you have no previous knowledge and/or time constraints like fixed working hours, other duties in life that take priority.

*for everyone