What Level Should I Reach Before Using Manga to Help Me Learn?

I hadn’t even thought of this, thanks!
Thanks for the embed, this is a great post - I think it sums up the general advice that I’ve been getting pretty well.
I appreciate the help!


Cool! I’ll check them out. Thanks!

I use https://www.bunpro.jp/, an SRS system, like WK but for grammar, and liked it enough to actually get a lifetime subscription (the only other site besides WK that I have purchased a subscription for; I’m on limited budget). I haven’t used it in several months (just got back to WK a few weeks ago also, after a long Covid break), but when I was using it, they were steadily updating it and were very responsive to bug reports and such, which to me is always a good sign. It’s not a perfect site (what site is? :sweat_smile:), but besides minor quirks, it is pretty fully featured and has a lot of grammar content, as well as fairly active user forums. They also integrate a little bit with WaniKani, so that any kanji you’ve Guru’d on WK will hide the furigana on BunPro (or you can choose to show all or no furigana in settings). Also, they have a pretty good try-before-you-buy system, so you can try it out plenty before deciding whether to subscribe or not.

I’ve recently also started using https://shirimono.com/ which is fairly new and undergoing steady development (apparently the developer will be unleashing a major site upgrade/redesign in the next few days or so), but already has a lot of content. It is focused on JLPT levels, but covers kanji, vocabulary (tons), and even grammar, so if you’re looking for additional grammar tools, it might be worth a try. It’s currently completely free. It’s a pretty nice user interface; again, not perfect, and has a few more quirks than say BunPro, but it is surprisingly easy to use and enjoyable, at least in my opinion. You don’t have to do kanji or vocab if your only interest is grammar. In fact, you can proceed through any section (kanji, vocab, grammar) for any JLPT level, at your own pace pretty much.


Oh yeah, if no one has mentioned it yet, I would check out Cure Dolly on YouTube. If you can get over her quirky voice and her she-was-a-vtuber-before-vtubers-were-even-a-thing! avatar, which, honestly, isn’t that hard to get over, considering the amazing perspective on grammar she provides, then IMHO, she’s one of the best, most ‘logical’ sources of Japanese grammar info out there. She opened my eyes many times and gave me a different perspective on Japanese grammar from “Okay, this seems pretty … arbitrary…” to “Wow, this actually makes sense! I wish more languages were like this!”

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Funny you should say that, I actually made a bunpro account yesterday because of a response to this thread! :smiley: Great minds think alike, I suppose.

This is almost exactly what I was looking for - a mostly-comprehensive platform that you could combine your kanji, vocab, and grammar knowledge for comparison against the JLPT requirements. I just made an account!
Thanks for the great resources and tips!

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At least one person earlier mentioned her, but I’ll go ahead and subscribe to the channel now that there’s an overwhelming consensus. Looks great, thank you!


At lvl 28, after I close the gap for N4, I intend to start flying witch or yotsubato.