What learning path should I take?

I think the best would be to see if you can attend language classes. Thanks to the pandemic there are way more options for online classes than before. I personally prefer offline classes because I tend to look up words or use deepl in online classes more so I feel like I’m improving less compared to offline classes.
In my country (Germany) most education centers (Volkshochschule) offer Japanese classes online and offline (so you don#t have to live in the same city or country). They really helped me to have a structure when it comes to learning. Attending classes regularly helps me to keep learning even on days when I’m not motivated.
The classes advance very slowly so I mostly use them for conversation practice or asking a native questions now.

Aside from that it really depends on the learning type you are. Depending on wether you are a visual, auditive or reading/writing or social learner I’d try to make a learning plan that makes sure to utilize your strengths.
For example if you are an auditive learner then starting with podcasts (like Nihongo con Teppei), watching Anime and using youtube videos (for example Japanese ammo with Misa) early is probably a good idea.

Edit: We also have a list of resources you can check out.