What is your way of Studying with wanikani?


  • Always drill EN->JP properly (at level+1) in Anki, before doing JP->EN vocab in WaniKani. (So that I remember the vocab reading properly.)
  • Do core 10k breakdown at the same time.
  • Don’t do all vocab lessons in one day in WaniKani. Spread the fun, so that I would never have free days with no review.
  • Always use a dictionary (by hyperlink in Anki).
    • Progressive dictionary for usage
    • JE dictionary for a quick English transliteration
    • JJ dictionary for explanation of the meaning; and for thesaurus/synonym
    • Aozora bunko for more examples


  • Drill all in 3-7 days before leveling up in Anki. Split Kanji lessons between days. Usually 10 kanji/day
  • When leveled up, do all Kanji lessons at once in WaniKani
  • Catch up Kanji handwriting in AnkiDroid after finished all vocab of the level; that is, I have already remembered On and Kun readings well.
    • Extra large handwriting on a tablet. Attention to proportions and stroke details.


  • Do all radicals at once in WaniKani
  • Never drill these stuff

Suggested alternatives to Anki