What is Your Wanikani Tactic? - Here is Mine!

Yeah, i use the Reorder Ultimate script.

It’s really nice compared to feeling the need to just bust through a over hundred lessons once a week, as I did initially! :slight_smile:

I also recommend setting it to the 1x1 mode sorted by reading first. This means that for each item, it will ask you for the reading immediately followed by the meaning. I think this really does help you start hearing the proper sounds in your head as you look at the words. And 1x1 keeps you from having to unnaturally forget and then re-remember the meaning later down the queue.

The only downside of the 1x1 mode is that you will be asked the same question again immediately upon failure unless you manually hit the random button. In practice I’ve found that this doesn’t actually make me learn the words significantly worse, however.

On the subject of scripts: this may not be for everyone, but I found the Final Countdown script to be incredibly useful. It limits your answer time (default 10s can be changed) and submits a wrong answer after that.

I might sound like I’m just being a glutton for punishment, but I’ve really started to dislike how long I spend thinking on each item when given the opportunity to do so. Now the reviews take less than half the time, while my accuracy only went down from about 90% to about 80%, and those failed items probably needs more study anyway.