What is your upper limit for Apprentice items?

After doing somewhat poorly in my most recent burn reviews, the number of my apprentice items have gone over 200, and I think that number might only increase if I continue to miss other burn items in the coming weeks. Usually I keep my apprentice items at about 180 at the start of a level and bring it back down to about 80 once I level up, but now that I’m over 200 I think I’ll be slowing down on the lessons til I can get back to a more manageable size.

I’m curious about what others think is a good upper limit so that you don’t feel too overwhelmed, while still keeping a steady pace with lessons.

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hi, a failed burn review will return to Guru-2 stage, so it should not influence your number of apprentice items.

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I kept getting them wrong, and ended up with 20 or so going back down to apprentice :sob:


from my experience, you need to question why you had all these mistakes:

  • mentally tired? it has an impact on memory, maybe you need to address this before taking more lessons.

  • bad learning methods ? maybe your learning techniques cannot keep up with the increasing complexity of the kanji. You may want to look at phono-semantic analysis to retain how kanjis are composed, to have stronger grounds for the memorization process.


I like keeping my apprentice items no higher than 150 but I can see myself doing fine with 200 apprentice items, would just be a little more tiring.

Depends how much time you want to spend reviewing lol. I don’t level SUPER fast so it’s easy for me to keep it under 150.

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I remember that at 150+, it would start being too much and WK would become less fun.

Funny enough, at one point during the fast levels, I reached 350 apprentice. That was… something xD


:point_up: Seconded. 150 - 160 is my limit to give space for the upcoming guru items that I might have forgotten during the past two weeks. It’s what kept me alive during fast levels :joy:

unlike someone. :eyes:
and you were the one scolding me about my lessons during fast levels! \ :sob: /


I kept up with the lessons though :eyes: :eyes: That number grew cuz leeches D:


okay. okay. fine. you’re right.

runs away to do 300+ lessons


Uh-oh that’s a lot :eyes: who am I to talk though I will be forever level 43 with these lessons and reviews


250 maybe… I had some periods where reviews and lessons piled up and I’m better at getting rid off all of them at once then in stages lol

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Until this sentence I thought I was qualified to reply😅. I have never been consistent with my lessons😂. But I have noticed that when I let apprentice get up to 150 area I get overwhelmed and motivation drops. So usually I try to keep it under/around 100. Upper limit 125 maybe? As I said, I have never been consistent.


I’m currently taking things Extremely Easy and my natural limit seems to be 10 apprentice items, which includes leeches. :smiley: every now and then I’ll do a lesson of another 3 items and wait them out. It still leaves me with an average of about ~40 items to review a day.

ETA: at my max (and after 2 resets), I never went above 109 apprentices, and I rarely had that pile over 100 (maybe 6 days in a whole year?).


I wouldn’t say I was the most consistent in the earlier levels but I did try to keep my apprentice level at 100 or if I felt I was doing ok with the kanji/vocab on that level I would go up to 120.

So far I’ve never felt overwhelmed at these numbers. Even when life has been busy and I haven’t had a chance to do all my daily reviews before the end of the day the amount of reviews the next day has still been manageable.

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I like to keep’em at 130 most of the time,
but sometimes I’ll go to 150. :nerd_face:

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Same here. Sometimes when I get good recall on the items I do go over 125.


Thank you for the advice! I do think it’s becoming harder for me to cope because as I level up, I’m seeing less and less familiar kanji. I’m now in completely unknown territory and it’s harder to keep up!

Thanks to everyone who’s replied so far. Sorry I don’t have the time to get back to everyone individually! I’ve been wondering how to rearrange my study habits here on WaniKani so that I don’t end in a situation like this again.

I think from now on I’ll try to keep my apprentice items at around 120 with an upper limit at 150, where I won’t do anymore new lessons until I manage to get it back down.

The longer I’m on WaniKani the more I feel like I’m playing a strategic game haha


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