What is your approximate number of reviews before you get a single item down (kanji,rads.,vocab.)

I usually get kanjis right at first try because I pay extra attention when doing kanji lessons, since that’s really what wanikani is about and kanjis are what make you advance through the levels. Vocabulary on the other hand has a failure rate similar to yours for the first times.
As of radicals, they are generally fairly easy to remember, again I usually pay extra attention to radical lessons since you want them burned in your memory in order to read kanji.

Try dedicating more time to kanji and less to vocabulary when doing your lessons.

Yup, I always got some item that failed even on each stage Apprentice - Guru - Master - Enlightened. For new lesson, I always do quiz around 1 hour after the lesson (not too quick after lesson & not too short before review). For items that I failed miserably, I look deeper into the cause: similar kanji, obscure meaning, mnemonic doesn’t stick. What I do is relearn, if it doesn’t work I’ll add different mnemonic or easier synonym or native word. And leech training as regularly as possible.

But you know, I often just too lazy. I just let failed item come again and again until I can feel the boredom & hatred. It works but painfully. :rofl:

I used to binge my lessons and relying on myself failing a number of items to spread out their reviewing timings and debundle them so to speak. ^^ I didn’t spend that much time on my lessons, but rather relied on the SRS to give me enough extra tries to nail the items down the road.

The items that I fail more than a couple of times initially typically needs extra work however. That means returning to the lessons page, self-study quiz, leech training etc.

Eventually, the items should stick long-term. :slight_smile:


OP if you’re curious about your own stats, there is this web app that provides info on your success & failure rate at the different SRS levels.

My stats

Well, I haven’t had any new lessons in over a month now, so not sure how that impacts my numbers…:eyes:


Looks like I’ve got really bad long term memory :expressionless:

I do decently on radicals and some of the most obvious vocabulary, but I would often get kanji and some vocabulary wrong several times before it started to stick. It wasn’t really affecting my level up speed (I do 10 lessons a day, except for radicals, which I do in one batch, and since I started doing this, I’ve never run out of lessons to do), but I did start to worry that I would mess up and end up with a couple days where I had no new lessons, so I downloaded the self-study quiz userscript, and now I test myself with that after every batch of new lessons. It turned out to be just what I needed to actually learn the kanji after the first lesson instead of failing them several times before the meaning/reading starts to stick for me. It doesn’t take much time to run through the quiz a couple times after doing my lessons, and it massively benefits my learning to do so.

This is quite interesting, thanks for sharing.
I guess “From A1 to A1” basically means answering wrong in the first review phase after a lesson. Then that’s the my answer to this thread: Approx. 15% wrong answers at the first try.

I have no burned items yet, that’s why it say’s 100%…


I think it’s pretty common for the burn reviews to be lower accuracy. But, you might also wanna do more immersion learning to get more items to stick.

SRS is great as you get to learn loads of items in a short span of time. But, the learning you do tends to be “shallow”. That’s why you need exposure to reading, listening, watching and gaming. Once you have an “in the wild” example in your mind of an item, they tend to stick.

Good luck! You can get there! ^>^



This is really cool! And I agree with @ekg. Once I see or hear the word in the wild, it tends to stick a lot better.

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that’s what i did for most of my levels so far: do the lessons relatively quickly, then let the srs do its thing and just repeat items until they stick. it’s probably the intended use of WK ^^

however, starting at about level 10, i found things got more difficult. i was failing more items, and for longer. something wasn’t working anymore for me.

so i’ve become much more thorough with my lessons. i spend more time making sure i get an mnemonic (not necessarily the one WK proposes), reading the sample sentences, comparing similar items. in the summary at the end of lessons i quickly go over the items learned. and i do another quick review about 1 hour after the lessons.

it takes a lot more time to do lessons: maybe 2 minutes per item. but i have ample free time, so this works well for me. and my accuracy has gone up again ^^

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I usually get them right the first reviews but I miss some in the coming rounds when the times get longer like from Guru to master.

I do this too. :smiley:

After a while, you can get a sense for how long you need to spend on each item before diminishing returns kick in.

One of the good parts about failing early is that it shows you where the trouble was. Was it the reading? The meaning? Did part of the mnemonic not stick?

You also start to get a feel for which ones are going to give you trouble.


For me, I find that as long as I pay really close attention to the mnemonics and repeat meanings (and readings) over and over in my head while I’m doing lessons and reviews, they typically stick and I can remember them every time until I get them as enlightened reviews, then it seems to be pretty 50/50 on whether I truly know them or not. I do my lessons in batches of ten, though, and it always seems like there’s one or two that fly over my head and I need to have them go through the apprentice levels several times before I remember them and they get to guru. After that, its an excruciating process to actually remember them because if something doesn’t stick for me the first time, chances are I won’t remember it lol

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Now you’ll get it right. Whenever you complain to this board about a particular item, you’ll remember it next time :slight_smile:

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Hehe, I guess you’re right.

Wow guys I’m very surprised with the amount of insight and experiences everyone has shared. Most communities this type of post would be dead, but this was great! If the WK community is always this responsive I can’t wait to talk about future things as well. Thanks all.


It depends a lot on the item, and I’ve definitely gotten faster as I’ve gone throughout more levels (half of learning is learning how to learn, so it gets much easier over time). Some items I never get wrong, it sticks during the lesson and it’s never an issue.

Some items I get wrong consistently and still do (particularly vocab, there are legitimately items from the 30s that have never been above master. I don’t know what my problem is.) So clearly being an idiot is a handicap. But I’d say with the average item I’ll get it wrong two or three times in the apprentice stage, and once it’s guru it more or less sticks. If you’re doing your reviews on time, that’s about a 7-8 day level.

Oh yeah the WK community’s overwhelmingly supportive and there are a ton of really smart and experienced people here, it’s a great resource to have as a lot of people keep giving advice long after they finish WK and are fluent in the language. I’m constantly asking advice lol

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It’s wildly variable for me. I have 4 categories of items.

  1. Previously Studied - These are things I have studied outside of Wani Kani, so if I can recall them there, I can usually recall them easier in Wani Kani. A lot of the time, I remember the meanings of kanji via words I already know.

  2. Story-able Items - These are new items that I can make easy mnemonics that I won’t soon forget. For instance, I recently started studying ban 晩 for night. While I’ve heard 晩ご飯 before, I still associate 夜 with evening/night more. Luckily, I had a good story for it. My Little Pony trigger warning:

“NIGHTmare Moon’s wants to BAN the SUN as an EXCUSE for the NIGHT to last Forever!”

Also for 材木 and 木材 (Lumber and Wood, respectively)

I’m a genuis! I’ll use LUMBER to make my house! Well, you want to do that, you have to cut the WOOD first, genius.

  1. Un-story-able Items - Sometimes, there’s not a really good way for me to remember the word or kanji because I either remember half the Wani Kani mnemonic or can’t figure out a good way to remember it with the 部首 in the kanji.

  2. Dyslexic Leeches - I am starting to think I have undiagnosed dyslexia or something else wrong with my memory. Usually, 使 and 作 are old ones that I still confuse 10 years after learning them from Genki I. 転 and 回 for rotate and revolve. Any word using 月’s げつ・がつ・ readings. I somehow will eventually lock the opposite meaning in my head down or gaslight myself to always get it wrong. If I second guess myself, I change it and get it wrong. If I am certain of myself, I misremembered it in the first place and get it wrong. I:ve taken Mastered items all the way down to Apprentice I this way. Damn my brain.


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