What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Thanks for “Later Crabigator” - I love that feature. Would love it if hitting return (empty guess) was the same as hitting the later button :slight_smile: Tsurukame has something similar in beta.

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I have updated the script. The code of version 1.1 now contains a section

	// settings //

	const SKIP_WHEN_ANSWER_EMPTY = false;


near the top. If you change false to true, it should click the Later button for you if you submit an empty answer. I hope it works – I haven’t tested it much.

I am using Dashboard Leech Tables. Big thanks to whoever maintains it. I love this very useful script.

In the settings, is it possible to arrange the parameter ‘Leech threshold’ to accept a real number? I think the optimal value for me is a real value between 1 and 2 but the current UI forces a drop menu of integers.

Thanks! Works like a charm!

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I tried making my own userscript and it works, but I’d like someone who knows what they’re doing to correct it :slight_smile:
It is just one line to replace the link when you click on the homepage logo. I want it to take me to the forum (because I’m already on the homepage, I don’t need the logo to link to the homepage…)

// @require http://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.5.1.js
$('a[href="/"]').prop('href', 'https://community.wanikani.com/');

But I know only enough to be dangerous (i.e. copy from stackoverflow until something goes horribly wrong). I tried without jquery using getElementById or getElementsByClassName but I couldn’t get that to work.
Is there a better/safer/more elegant way? Thank you for your time!

What you did works just fine. You don’t need to require jQuery, though, since WK already uses it. A better selector (instead of 'a[href="/"]') would be '.logo__link', or perhaps '.global-header .logo__link', so that you are sure you’re only replacing the correct link.

Without jQuery you could do something like this

let url = 'https://community.wanikani.com/';
let elem = document.getElementsByClassName('logo__link')[0];
// Alternatively
// let elem = document.querySelector('.global-header .logo__link');
elem.href = url;

After some digging in the forums, I found this script by @Kumirei:

It sets a lock based on your number of apprentice items, not on the number of lessons you have already done for the day, but I think that’s even better. Absolutely worth trying if you have too many apprentice items!


Is there an extension that will make you answer the alternative meanings of a vocab or kanji?Kind of like how when you accidentally put in the wrong reading the bar will jiggle. I think this might be helpful as personally it is otherwise hard for me to remember alternative meanings as well as readings with certain kanji and vocab.

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I’d like to see my correct % over the last 1 - 7 days. Is there a script like that out there? Is it even possible?


I don’t recall seeing such a script. This is something that I will implement in the next Heatmap update, though


Is there anything like Wrong of the Day, but for lessons?

What does that even mean?

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Sorry, should have been more specific. It’s a script. I’ve linked it my original post.

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I know of the script, but what would it mean for lessons?

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You’re right again, it’s not quite the same. Well, I like to review my lesson queue after doing lessons. But after starting a new “lesson” session Wanikani is emptying Lessons Summary from the last session. Unfortunately, the summary is cleared also when refreshing the page (my internet connection is quite unstable so I often have to start the session again). If I do lesson in 3 batches 5 lessons each and my internet connection drops in the last batch, then the summary won’t include lessons from the first 2 batches.

I could set my session to 15 items, but I’d prefer not, because the number of lesson I do each day vary. If they’re difficult I stop at 10. But if they’re easier I do more.

Hope that explains what I meant.

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There are two scripts I can think of that may do what you want. Both scripts share a Recent Lessons filter that will select lessons taken within a configurable number of hours.


The first script is the Self-Study Quiz which will setup a quiz session to review your items. The second script is Item Inspector which will display the items in a table. You can setup the table to display the reading and meaning of the items in a tooltip for ease of studying. Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector.


If you just want to see the items that you have done then the Heatmap can show you a summary for the day if you click on the day’s square


The Heatmap script is great, but in this case I cannot speed-review the items, as there are not reading/meaning tooltips.


Ah, right. I forgot about that. I should add that


If you just want a list of items with meanings/readings in tooltips Item Inspector will do this. You will need some configuration though.