What do you do when you realize you're beginning to forget a certain kanji/vocab?

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I’ve been running into an issue where there are some kanji where I forget either their onyomi or kunyomi meaning as I’m going through/learning vocab words that contain these kanji.

In these scenarios, I want to ask you, the dear people, what do you do in these situations? Do you go review the kanji some more? Let the SRS review come up and pray you get it right or wrong? Put it on Anki?

Whatever you do to remediate this, please let me know! Thanks

I review the mnemonic sometimes but I mostly just let them go back down the srs levels because I don’t care that much. I know some people will spend more time studying them though, it kind of depends on what you like to do!

Treat vocabularies as sound/meaning only in temporary flashcards. (e.g. Self Study)

Meaning => Kana works, although Kana/audio => Meaning may work as well, as long as the pool to choose vocabularies from is small enough.

Well, otherwise, listening experience should be helpful.

Sometimes, seeing vocab => thinking of meaning => filling in a reading, may be helpful.

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(I’m afraid I can’t offer any more specific advice, but generally speaking I will stuff it into Anki and if it leeches out of Anki I just let it fly away)


Sometimes the only way to really remember is encountering those vocabs in context via grammar learning, reading, watching a video/show/stream with japanese subtitles or seeing them in the wild.
Also check if there’s a common theme with the ones you forget, it might be either a specific mnemonic that doesn’t stick, or a rare reading that needs special attention.

There are instances where I have to write my own mnemonic or add to the one that exists so I’ll remember to pause and think ‘cause I’ve done something extra for a problematic reading/meaning.


Depends on the level of the item, if it’s going down to an apprentice level, let it ride, it’ll see it again in a day or two.

If it went down to Guru 2 (meaning it was a burn item), I’ll quickly refresh the lesson for the item and then just let it ride.

To me there’s already enough to learn to get hung up on leeches. Hell, I’ll even cheat through some because it’s either irrelevant to me right now or if it isn’t irrelevant, then I should pick it up in native material anyway.

Perhaps I don’t understand how WK works in this situation. I thought if I miss an item in Enlightened or Master, then it went back to Guru. But a Burned item cannot go back to Guru because it’ll never come up in Reviews (unless you unburn it in which case it goes back to Guru without you having to miss it). Please ‘enlighten’ me…

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I mean that if I had gotten the item correct, it would have been burned, but instead I got it incorrect so it drops to Guru 2

Got it! Thanks.

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