Week 7: 海辺のカフカ - Kafka on the Shore 🏖

Chapter 14. The cats that Johnny Walker catches are possibly food for his dog? :smiley:

But I actually have a theory: Johnny Walker is Kafka‘s dad! He lives in Nakano, he is rich, I can definitely see why his wife left (:grimacing:). And Kafka also mentioned something about an actual execution device being in his environment, back when he talked about this one Kafka story (流刑地にて) with Oshima. That might be the cat execution device that Mimi told Nakata about.
I also wonder whether Nakata is wanted for his half-shadowness, or for his ability to talk to cats? Or maybe those two things are related?

Chapter 15. I‘m glad Kafka didn’t get lost in the woods, I would’ve been so mad. And I had already forgotten about the time when Kafka woke up with blood on his shirt!
For one moment I thought that the clearing in the woods that Kafka found was the same one where the teacher gathered mushrooms with the children… But I’m not sure that’s realistic. Do we have any info on where exactly the 田舎 of the Rice Bowl Hill Incident was?

Also, why does Murakami have to write sentences like 君はその夢の中で、ほんものの姉や母を犯すことになるかもしれない。