Week 5: コーヒーが冷めないうちに (Intermediate BC)

The poll on the reading pace for next stories closed with evident preference towards more logical breaks (coupled with inclination to go at around 20 pages per week). Therefore I have tried to split the stories using either cup dividers or “chime” breaks (the ones with カランコロン). Breaks for the whole book added to the home thread, please take a look. Second story is most uneven due to lengthy dialogue at the end of the story. Still, since it is a dialogue, I hope the reading volume will still be tolerable.
See you at the Week 6 thread!


What about week 8 which is missing? Is that a holiday week?


Ow, thanks for noticing! It was just missed out from the series, probably because my daughter was jumping around and tugging me to play with her…my bad, sorry :disappointed:
I will check the table one more time, either tomorrow or on Monday. Hopefully I’ll only need to correct the week number and the dates :roll_eyes:


The breakpoints look good if you shift everything one week up beginning at week 8. Setting them at either a coffee cup or a door bell ringing made them easy to find in the eーbook.

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