Week 11: すべてがFになる - The Perfect Insider [END]

Good job! You definitely had a lot of good ideas. I was impressed when you caught on the fact that Magata looking younger than Miki was important.

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Hey, congrats :slight_smile:

Same here. And the second volume is not different in that respect, until now at least (chapter 4). I guess it’s just the author’s style :woman_shrugging:

I agree with @miwuc, I was really impressed how much you got right early on.

You mean when Magata returned to the mainland? Wasn’t that a public ferry that the students used? So it would be normal that other people also used it.

I found that a bit weird as well, but then again, I find it incredibly hard to guess the age of Japanese people, and make-up can do a lot, plus Magata came up with this hardcore-diet story to explain away any physical changes that people might wonder about. Whether that all together is enough is something I don’t really know, though…

IIRC he was not yet properly dead when they went to talk to him the first time, and he hid his fatal injury in order to cover up for her. - Was that what you wondered about?

I think the best evidence for this is that there was an “extra” person which appeared out of thin air (figuratively speaking) - this way, the living Magata and the dead mock-Magata corpse could emerge from the room without anybody suspecting anything (because they only expected one person and they were satisfied when they saw the corpse). If Magata had planned to swap places with her sister, how would the sister have been able to enter the room without anybody noticing?

I’ve come to like both of them quite a bit, I must confess. I like how the author paints them, they are not perfect persons but real people with their quirks and imperfections.

It’s 420 pages instead of this book’s 520 pages, so no, not much shorter. No worries, the threads will wait for you :wink:


Yep, like I concluded in my comment in parentheses she would probably just have needed to tell them basically anything that sounded believable since they don’t really know much of anything about the actual stuff that happened, which was what I remembered after typing out the comment.

I wouldn’t say I wondered about it as much as that it just felt a bit unrealistic that nobody noticed that fact, but I guess I haven’t tried it myself(and don’t have any plans to) so I can’t say for 100% sure if it would be possible or not

I was less thinking that they swapped places and more that there’s no particular reason Magata Shiki needed to have a daughter instead of a sister, since you could reasonable have most of the plan work regardless of their exact relation. She supposedly had a sister but not a daughter according to what the characters were told, so I guess the main thing is just that I can’t remember any evidence that actually decisively indicates “she had a daughter instead of a sister” rather than just that she had someone else with her, yet Moe somehow deduced that part but not that Miki actually was Shiki which I personally feel like it should be easier to figure out(though I’m obviously biased since I did kind of figure out the latter but not the former :laughing: ). You’re right that I didn’t fully think that part through though, so thanks :slight_smile:

It might not be more than a ton in sheer numbers, but it does take it from being one of the longest Japanese books I’ve read(like this one) to just being a bit on the longer side! (that said, I’ll still at least wait a little bit with starting it, though maybe just enough to catch up to the main advanced book club and read a shorter/easier book first)


Oh and about that, don’t worry it gets even worse in the sequel :sweat_smile: