We are not all American


As the “where are you from” post suggests, we are not all American, so please stop America-centric mnemonics (like Jeopardy or Tosh.0, that I didn’t know before and forgot 30 seconds after googling them). Also, please accept British spelling of words as correct (and not “a bit off”). If you want to present the American spelling so be it, but could you insert the British one in the list of the accepted answers?


Also, America is not a country… I’m an Argentinian, so 100% American…


Oh and also they accept quite a lot of British spellings


True, but in my experience in South America people still use American English and not British English :wink:


“Colour” is marked as “a bit off”, and it really isn’t :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, it is more used, I’m pro British spelling though. Nothing worse than “travelling” with a single L and Neighbour without the U


Hmm it shouldn’t, it is listed as an alternative for me.



If you meant the radical, all radicals have no synonyms by default. If you want to add it, you can, but that’s just a quirk of radicals.


Not the radical :wink:



Yes I meant the radical. Well, I’m sure they can add synonyms to radicals too, at least for standard spelling of the same word.


Great, so they just need to do it for radicals too and then they’re good :slight_smile:


They have an email address for corrections hello@wanikani.com


They’re already good as it is. I find it much more weird that they use some really funny words like “Geoduck” for some radicals .


Anyway the spelling thing is just an annoyance as in the end the answer is still accepted as correct. My main concern is the mnemonics that don’t make sense for people who don’t watch American shows (hint: most of the world).


Thanks, I’ll write them an email


My tongue has words that fit in better that many mnemonics. I do not completely rely on WK.


The mnemonics complaints will end one day when the long-awaited mnemonic/radical overhaul goes into effect.

i.e. they’re already working on redoing tons of mnemonics


Where are the Jeopardy and Tosh.0? I don’t even remember seeing these. At least Jeopardy is just ancient, but many people should know it (there was IBM Watson playing winning Jeopardy, etc.)

There are Tater tots as well, interestingly I still remember the mnemonics.


You clearly haven’t read any mnemonics about Hard Gay xDD And you can also add your own. There’s really no issue it’s just mnemonics. Most don’t make sense and quite a lot reference more than USA shows, like the 30 or so that reference Koichi, the beloved director of wanikani.