Way to specifically test vocab

Hi, I’ve been using Wanikani for a bit now, and have been liking it a lot! But one thing I’m having some trouble with it being able to associate the Kana of the Kanji with the vocab definition.
When I see a Kanji I know, I can write how to spell it in kana, and what’s the English meaning of it, but both of these answers are kinda separate in my mind, so if I just see/hear the kana without the Kanji, it’s pretty hard for me to say what it means.
Sorry if this has been asked before, but If there’s some way to have specific vocab tests where it gives you the Kana, and you need to translate it to English, it would help a ton!

If you’re willing to setup a user script, there is the Self-Study Quiz that allows you to specify what you want to practice by any combination of type, WK level, and SRS level. It also includes audio only as one of the types of questions if you want to add that into the mix.


I think it‘s more of a listening problem here than reading one, since reading kana is what japanese kids do, since they‘re already familiar with the language itself.

It might help you using an app like pimsleur for a couple of month, it‘s a good way to practice listening without reading.

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Problem is, for the same kana “spelling” you can have multiple words.

one thing that could help is https://www.kaniwani.com/

It gives you the english definition and you need to input kana.

Otherwise immersion (anime, radio, youtube, podcast…).

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