Want to write Kanji?

I used to print those PDFs earlier, but recently I got a reMarkable tablet, so I usually write on the PDF itself (Digital + Paper feeling). If you have an iPad or any tablet that supports writing on PDFs, you can reduce paper usage.
I will consider adding the display for the number of pages in the PDF before downloading. That’s a useful suggestion. Thanks!

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I’ve never previously heard of that device, just from a quick search I guess it seems to be not a computer but just an E-writer. I’m assuming it runs on proprietary software in that case to open PDFs (and whatever else it opens). I have a surface, but other than having used Onenote to open PDFs (I don’t enjoy that experience), do you or anyone else have suggestions for what to use to open and write on PDFs?

Also, I’d like to know since you’ve been using WK for longer than me. When are you going to fill your sheets. Whenever you level up? One column every time you gain a stage on a kanji from your level?

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Thank you for making this!! And thank you for having it be free! I’m going to print some PDFs tomorrow and practice writing :')
You are amazing for doing this and sharing with everybody.


Did you take the JLPT yesterday? If so, how did it go?

Thanks again for making such an awesome resource!

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The reMarkable device is quite cool (just got it a week ago). The current PDFs works out of the box in the device. Other than paper, I have seen my friend use a tablet with a matt screen guard. It gives a similar feeling to writing on paper.

Though I’m using WK for a longer time, I started writing in L29. I have memorized all basic kanji strokes (consider N5 kanjis) so writing the next ones is piece of cake.
Right now there are 20 boxes in the Kanji sheet, with 10 tracers and 10 empty.
I do the first 8 tracers when I learn the kanji, then 2 tracers, and ~5 empty boxes when Guru it. Then I complete the remaining when I get time on weekends. The key is to remember the mnemonic when you write the kanji. If you can’t, look it up on WK, and you shall remember it for a longer time.


This is exactly what I would be looking for, thanks a bunch!

7 sheets / level avg. You can say for example that there are on average 35 kanji a level and 5 kanji a page so that gives 7 pages.

I did! The vocabulary section was seamlessly easy. (Thanks to WK! :ghost:) I am sure that I will pass that section. The grammar and reading were a bit of a struggle; it’s a wild card for the results. Listening was also easy since I have watched hours of anime, and the tape they play is much slower than even everyday conversation.


My thoughts exactly! One page firs exactly five kanjis, so you can calculate the number of sheets for a level.

This is AWESOME !!! Thank you so much for this !!! I was doing this myself using Genkokuyoshi notebooks, but this is much better!!!

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Is anyone else having this issue?
I click on the link and the page loads just fine, but when I click on JLPT, WaniKani, etc. it just loads up a white page and nothing happens. This happens on FireFox and Chrome.

I love these the PDF! What about adding four subsquares (with some opacity) to each square as we see in some 原稿用紙? Halley.cc - The Ultimate Pet Blog

Aaah!! I just tried clicking on the links myself, and I saw the blank page. I don’t know what went wrong in the past few days but I will try to fix it.
You can use the alternate URL here https://kanji-sh.web.app/


Thanks for the great idea @sergiop senpai!! :man_bowing:t2:
I will add it in the feature/todo list!!

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coding problems tho lol hopefully you get it resolved shortly <3

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This is fantastic, thank you!

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It happened to me as well but I waited for a few minutes and when reloading the page it came up. Could be a demand issue with users flooding the site?

Seems like there’s an extra /write/ in the url after you moved the stuff to new site.

When I click on wanikani on the new site, I get this link: https://kanji.sh/write/write/collection/wanikani which gives the blank page.

If I navigate from the old site I get this: Kanji.sh | Download Kanji worksheets for all Wanikani levels which works fine.


Thank you very much!

Thank you for this!!! I’m so excited!

One question tho - the tracer kanji seem pretty small when printed out. Shouldn’t they fill up each box more? Nitpicky question I know, but I’m also doing kana writing practice and those fill the boxes more.

I purposely added some space between kanji and the box. Writing small make you used to write them with the same size as kana :sweat_smile:

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