Wanikani Reading Statistics Program

Hello everyone! Today I wrote a simple statistics program in Python that takes
an input text file and your API key, and then shows what percent of the kanji in
that file you will know at each level of Wanikani.

It is useful to track your progress and plan on what level you will read a
certain book, and so on.

Here’s the Github Repo if anyone is interested: https://github.com/7thSamurai/Wanikani-Reading-Stats. Enjoy!


Oh, I was working on a similar project but in Rust

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Thanks for sharing!
For me, the hardest part is to find text files I want to read… I have a bunch of books, but their digital versions are DRM-protected.

Yeah, that is the main drawback… Technically you could probably extract the plain-text from DRM protected files, but I have no clue on how to do it, and wouldn’t recommend it for obvious reasons.

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No, you have all the rights to strip a book from DRM and so get a DRM-free copy (at least in Europe)

noob here

is there a GUI, or only through powershell to run this?

It’s currently a console application. I could write a GUI for it, but I felt that was way too overkill for such a simple application.

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