WaniKani random font

I’ve written a new font randomizer script - this one didn’t really work like I wanted it to.

If you’d like to try it, it’s called Jitai, and it’s available here on the forums!

Jitai does a few things differently. For one, it’s not on a timer - it changes font for each new question. I like that way much better; I found it a bit iffy to have the font just change right in front of your eyes at random. I addition, you don’t have to edit it to use it. Oh, and it’s only activated for reviews and not lessons, and it doesn’t change the font of the answer box (which I know some people were annoyed about). It also makes a bunch of other small quality-of-life changes, to fit as smoothly as possible in with WaniKani.

If you’re up for trying a new font randomizer, check it out maybe! :smiley:

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