'WaniKani Pitch Info' script -> 'Show All Information' after Reading review

Hi All,

[tl;dr - Does anyone know of a userscript that automatically shows all information for specifically, vocabulary words during the Reading portions of reviews?]

I’ve just found out about userscripts and they’re a game changer!
Specifically ‘WaniKani Pitch Info’ which shows the correct intonation for vocabulary words.

Previously I’ve tried to manually enter the intonation for each word from OJAD’s Suzuki-kun - what a nightmare.

Now, during reviews I want to check if I have the intonation of vocab words correct, but having to click ‘More Information’ then ‘Show All Information’ after each Reading review really slows down the review process.

I’ve hunted the web for a few hours looking for a script that does it but the best I’ve found so far is the ‘Always Show Item Info’ script.
You have to show all the info because sometime the intonation is buried under the ‘Show More Information’ tab - but the script also shows info during the Meaning reviews, so sometime you inadvertently see the Reading for words before you get to that review - which defeats the purpose of reviews really.

So, does anyone know of a script that will Show All Information during specifically, the Readings reviews - after the answer is entered?

I know it’s super niche, but I think it would be super useful to anyone trying to learn intonation along with their vocabulary!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I don’t know about a script, but if you’re using a computer (which I assume you are if you also use scripts) then there’s a few keyboard shortcuts that may help you. When you get an item wrong, pressing F will bring up the part of the info that you messed up on (so if you messed up a reading, it’ll just show the reading part). Then, if you’d like to see the whole entry, just press space after that. Dunno if that answers your question as it isn’t exactly a script, but it might help while a script is possibly made.


Hey there! Yes, I have just downloaded the script this morning. I can’t remember in which thread I got it from, but here it is: WaniKani Always Show Item Info by irrelephant

EDIT: Oh wait a second… I’m sorry, I think your problem went over my head.

But then again, I think that this shouldn’t be a problem… When all items are shown, the readings will be at the top so you won’t see the meaning (you’d have to scroll down for that). In the case that you might accidentally see the reading when reviewing the meaning, I find that it’s not really a problem since the info panel shows up after the answer has been typed in correctly, and usually by that time I’ll go to the next card for review. Sorry if this isn’t much help.

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Thanks so much for your replies guys :slight_smile:

I think the shortcuts thing will definitely help make things faster :fire:

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