Wanikani is not for me...I think

Hi, I bought a lifetime wanikani about 2 years ago and used it for like 3 months. During my usage time, I found the site’s system very hard to me. The worst thing is that English is not my first language, so some word’s English definition was not easy and a lot of times I failed on the review on spelling error (and I used some scripts to undo it but it wasn’t convenience). Also, I found out that some of the word’s definitions can’t be put into a single wanikani reference. So sometimes I missed the meaning when I encounter these words later. So learning that…kind of feels like wast of time.

So I stopped using wanikani and learned slowly from input and Anki. I am not so good at language learning so I progressing very slow, but from time to time I get this weekly Anki emails…and wow, the forum is full of stuff and people that doing clubs and etc. All that kind of making me feel sad that I am not part of that. So I wonder…should I come back to wanikani? did something changed? Does anyone is facing similar problems?

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Yes, you should. You can add your native language in user synonyms. I’m not a native either. And I ask kind native here about my English comprehension difficulty if any and I got useful helps a lot.


Based on forum posters, I’d say we’re about 50% native English speakers and 50% non-native English speakers.


Sometimes the mnemonics also don’t make sense for non-native english speakers because they rely on pronounciation. But you can always make your own with your native language.

That is also a problem, specially since some meanings don’t translate well to a single word. But for that I usually look at synonyms on a dictionary and add it to list. Or read it in context on a sentence. You can always add words in your native language too!

Also even if you don’t plan on using wanikani as your main kanji study you can always participate on the forums and the book clubs! :high_touch:


^^ Yes, this! You’re welcome to participate in the forum even if you’re not actively using Wanikani.


Thanks guys for the warm welcome. Add you own mnemonics sounds like making your own cards. I remember thinking that when I decided to go to anki. But I think the community here is the main reson to stay

You can add your native language in user synonyms.
What do you mean?


If you have another meaning or something from your own language that fits better you can add it to the word to get it correct. You are limited by what Wanikani says so you can learn the language in the best way for you.

As a native English speaker I can tell you that some of the mnemonics don’t make sense to me either. I either change them or just memorize them. Do not let that stop you! You got this!


Hmm… I think you’re pretty good at language learning.

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Suppose that you didn’t know the word “advice” and that in your language it is “aaauuu”. When you get it wrong, just add your own word in: (add synonym)

Now, your word will work!

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So it will get it right when you will type your word? cool

[avery17] - I was really bad it english in my school and finally learned it after I started to work in english environment, and still got a lot of mistakes :slight_smile:

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“Came for the kanji, stayed for the community” is a nice motto :smiley:


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