Wanikani is just not useful enough, but could be


If they’re going to tell you not to bother learning something, they should take the time to know before they comment. But usually these “over the shoulder” comments are from spouses or partners… those people generally should know it’s a kanji application if they’ve discussed it at all.


People talking about 抱き枕 not being a word on here, but I just found out that 壁ドン isnt a vocab word for 壁

Explain yourself, koichi.


Maybe they are saving it up for 蝉ドン (number 4 below), once they add 蝉 to WK



What level of WK do the Shogi lessons start at? I’m waiting for those.


Not sure if I would be able to handle that one


It’s an acquired taste.


Thats what people said about 口噛み酒, but I’m still not used to that yet.


From what I remember, Shogi is level 48…not sure though. Chouchou is level 58 though, and Uzumaki was 53…They get to the basic Naruto terminology really late in the game unfortunately…:thinking:


woah, that site (https://suiren.io/) looks super cool


Is it the same thing as 口噛み酒?
I hope it’s one of WK words!


Whoops, I hit space on my ime and expected it to know the word so I didnt actually check. 口噛み酒 is right, although it looks like 口神酒 is something in chinese.


It’s fun to play around bouncing between various kanji!


Perhaps it’s cause Japanese people don’t really think about 大きさ as its own word since it’s really a derivation. But I’m just guessing here.

Anyway, a random sampling from my conversation last night of words that may or may not be common but came up:

襦袢 (じゅばん)


I got through level 60 and still didn’t know what 将棋を指す meant


True, I suppose you could say that rather than learning 大きさ, people should be learning 大きい + the さ rule. But that would mostly be in the case of a grammar resource, where it would be inefficient. Here it’s just reinforcing the おお reading.


Isn’t this just 本当 in 大阪弁?


To me it feels like people are asking to use cars instead of having to slog through the lower levels. Why don’t you have a fast-track mode for people to quickly advance kanji that they’ve already studied? Serious question, because that’s what kept me from buying last month.


The future levels use previous level stuff to… do their thing.

Think of it like building a house. The kanji dream is level 60 (and beyond). This is a tall house. Say you already know the kanji up to level… 10. You can’t skip 1-10. Floors 1-10 are the foundation. Without the foundation, the house will have nothing to stand on and everything will fall and then everyone will be sad and then you will have to buy a new house.


Something I want to figure out eventually, but because things are so reliant on each other, and kinda wanikani specific knowledge is required, creating a test, etc is more complicated than it seems on the surface (both from a technical, and learning standpoint). We’ve talked through what would need to happen to do it well in the office a few times, and so far we just realize we have to prioritize other things first.


All forms of Kansai-ben as far as I know, but yea it is.