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Not sure if this is worth pinging a staff and it doesn’t look like another topic has quite addressed it, but does the SRS work on a relative or absolute time system? I’m on vacation in a different time zone, and I’m not sure if the boatload of reviews it feels like I’ve been getting so far have been normal (granted, I am on the site way less often than usual). My phone has caught up to this timezone but my tablet is still on my home time, so will doing lessons on my tablet mess things up if I suddenly “jump” 17 hours into the future on my phone?

That’s what I was afraid of :sweat: thanks. I’m reluctant to use vacation mode, but I have another week + three more flights ahead of me before I go back to a regular schedule and am getting antsy about how much my accuracy has dropped.

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I just verified in the API, the review’s “available_at” time is in UTC, so it is not relative to where you are physically or the timezone of your device.

For example:
If I am in California (Pacific daylight time is UTC-7) and my next review for a particular item is tomorrow at 1pm local time in California, then I get on a plane to New York (Eastern daylight time is UTC-4) this evening, then my review for that item will be available at 4pm local time in New York.

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I deleted my original comment because I realized I didn’t phrase it properly. I was trying to say that you shouldn’t be impacted and I think I told you the opposite by mistake. Sorry about that.

When I said relative, I meant relative to when you did your lessons/reviews, not relative to your location.

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