Wanikani has no chill

The mnemonic for the Black radical is definitely something you don’t forget after reading haha.

If you boil a village everything will turn black. Mostly because you’re a crazed murderer, but more so because when you boil a village all the roads melt and coat everything in black tar. Picture it! It looks like Pompeii. (Oof, too soon?)


Then it accomplished its mission. In time, the mnemonic will fade away into just the kanji until some random user mentions it & you check to make sure WK said that

Wanikani has no chill

Of course! Our mission here is to burn all the items! :fire:


Yea for sure mission accomplished haha!

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P.S. If you really want WK on hard mode, let your Apprentice count get extremely high so you have hundreds upon hundreds of reviews a day


I realize the comment is made due to my name but I don’t think my mind could handle that daily. More of an “averagemode” kind of studier heh. Trying hard to stay with it this time though and push to 60 eventually!


Yeah it was intended to convey the point not to overexert yourself — you can do it :wink:

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