WaniKani for iOS

Tried the API you posted here on my jailbroken phone today. Could install but doesnt work for me. It asks for my Apple ID and then exits when I enter my login info =(

App is still missing from the app store. Anyone have an update on this?

I would also like to acquire this app, but alas it is not in the app store…

is there a link or an email I should send to someone?


mechmouse said... I would also like to acquire this app, but alas it is not in the app store...

is there a link or an email I should send to someone?

 Unless you already had it on your hard drive from a previous install, I don't believe there's a way for you to sideload someone else's copy. Maybe if you're jailbroken? But I don't know for sure. 

It's a pity that there's no iOS app at all. I've just resorted to using WK in Safari and being VERY careful of typing errors. I wish there was an update app for iOS in the App Store.

I installed the app a few months ago and I’ve really enjoyed it, but it looks like it’s not in the app store anymore.

Is it there and I just can’t find it or did the app go away? I’d love to share it with my friends who’ve joined Wani Kani.

EDIT: Derp, I didn’t notice the 35 pages of posts on this topic. Yeah, add me to the list of folks wishing for it to come back to the app store!

It indeed poofed, but Im glad its still working at least.

If someone can provide an .IPA file, jailbroken devices should be able to install it via iTunes if AppSync Unified is installed.

I hope this isn’t against the forum rules or anything …
After yesterday evening, I have finally managed to produce an ipa: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7JIX536zyhqaGVGVU14Y3MzNkk

If this has been said maybe I missed it but by going to app store on your device, touching the updates tab and going to purchased you should be able to redownload it through there. I haven’t tested it (don’t want to take the risk) but its work previously for apps I downloaded that got removed. 

Obviously you can do that, I think the discussion was mainly about people who missed the chance to download it.

I think one should be able to install the ipa to an unjailbroken device via something like iFunbox or PP assistant, I’m not able to test is as of now however.

Brand new to wanikani, just want to add a +1 to the ‘I would download this if it were on the app store’ group

I could only install the ipa with a jailbroken iPhone using AppSync Unified, using iFunBox. And even then it instantly crashes, while all other ipas I’ve installed don’t. Not sure what’s wrong with it.

The audio doesn’t automatically play when doing reviews. Is it possible to enable this at least for the iPad?

Else than that, it works awesome! Thank you for for making such a great app :slight_smile:

  • I found a little bug that happens in the web app in firefox.  If your level has been reset then some levels come out as a negative amount of time (Mine shows up as level 1 at -1).  This causes an error when the boxes are being drawn.  This can be fixed in line 373 of js-wk.js when the level time is being filled by checking if diff is negative, and setting it to 0 if it is.  Sorry if this isn't quite the right place for this.

Sorry, I know the app is no longer supported, but I wanted to know if it keeps working on iOS 9, has someone tried yet?? Thanks in advance!!

it does actually strangely enough - at least for me 

I think it’s best to ditch an unsupported app. Check out this thread with an iOS app: /t/iOS-Mobile-AlliCrab-for-WaniKani/10065/1

I am in a different boat, somehow I have the WaniKani app (i think the official one) installed on my iPhone running ios 9. I think this is the old version that I downloaded back in the spring, but I use it every day with no issues whatsoever. It works perfectly!

I liked this app more than the other one out. I hope it returns! I can download it from my past purchases, but it just crashes upon loading. :frowning:

my bad, i’ve found the answer