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I agree, I’ve just got a kanji ‘bathe’ wrong because at the start of my current level it was introduced as ‘あ’ and now I had to somehow figure out I need to put ‘よく’ in. :japanese_goblin:


Then it’s not such a big deal for it to go down a level.

That should really mostly happen on ones that you just learned in the current level (otherwise you’d have already seen the onyomi in vocab). So, yeah, it’s a short-term inconvenience that will only happen one time.


I had never heard of the character Wolverine either. But sadly, on the “google test”, Sauron scores 8 million, Wolverine scores 171 million! :unamused:


I have not read the entire thread, so I´m sorry if any of these comments have been mentioned before, but I have 2 small remarks:

  1. If you press enter to go to the next page, it toggles the ‘old-new mnemonics’ thingie. That’s annoying :slight_smile:
  2. I’m relearning some radicals now, but it still accepts the old answer. Not sure if it’s even possible to change this, but I’m typing in the old answer out of reflex and that way I’ll never learn. I do agree that the old answer should be accepted for those that don’t want to relearn, but in the specific case of relearning things it’s a little unhelpful.

That’s a good point.

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If you are concerned about the short levels, I ran a script that using apiv2 determines which kanji are unlocked in the first level and which are only after the radicals are gurued.
So say hello to the new short levels, 41, 43 and 44!
Also give a sad goodbye to level 26, it’s not short anymore. :’(


Good bye 26! Was already conflicted and considered doing you slow :wink:
I shared your comment in “Death” =)

So, all the people who completed level 26 in less than 7 days are pretty much legendary tier adventurers. They’re tales shall be told by bards in the streets and cavern regulars will know about them, huh?

Guess, we need a title for this!

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If we want a change we need to send a suggestion of our own and see if they like it. Anyone have a good suggestion for げき?
It doesn’t come up very often, but it is a huge pain, cause the current one makes no sense to me…
The grandfather of who? And how does that become geki? Sorry, but, I need a better one ^^;

If someone has a good suggestion I’ll put it in my own notes =)



I use the Tsurukame iPhone app almost exclusively for WK, and now that I’ve reset my Radicals using the migration tool, I have lots of new Lessons in the queue — BUT, the updated Radicals are showing the OLD info and not the NEW info… e.g. 土 says the meaning is “Grave” and not “Dirt”. I’m not seeing the same issue when I access the corresponding Lessons via wanikani.com

Is this an API problem, or does the app developer need to update the internals of Tsurukame?

RIP Elephant, I hardly knew ye.


Wait, I thought that old kanji meanings would still be accepted?
I remember seeing people talking about readings, but I didn’t know meaning changed too… (and since old meanings for radicals are still secretly accepted, wouldn’t it make sense to do the same with kanji?)


That’s probably just considered a “normal” change. Add it as a synonym?


I did :ok_hand:


AFAIK Halberd is purple, you answered the red one. CMIIW.

You can clearly see in the screenshot that the meaning is halberd in the mnemonic.

A soldier carries a halberd

(I’m showing the old mnemonic for that purpose)

Ah, I thought you were referring to your answer instead of the meaning mnemonic, ok.

Well, my answer used to be correct, as shown in the mnemonic.
It’s just that the old meaning is gone.


LOL mine is only showing the new one cos I haven’t unlocked that.

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i didn’t pick any radicals for relearn. and yet they’re sitting in my queue now, even ancient ones.