Vocabulary vs Leveling

I use the lesson filtering script, and do it like this:

  • on levelling up: all radicals
  • throughout the level: 10 items, divided like this:
    – 3 kanji
    – 7 vocab
  • I don’t do more than 20 lessons a day.

It slows my levelling a little, but I’m not attempting to be speedy as much as consistent. This method gives me a nice spread of lessons that I hate doing in big batches (kanji) alongside lessons that I don’t have as much trouble with (vocab), and I always finish all my previous level’s and most of that level’s vocab by the time I level up, because most of that level’s vocab gets unlocked by then.

You can change the ratio to 5/5 or another ratio until you run out of kanji if you want to go faster.

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