Visual novel reader adds furigana and machine translations to visual novels

Hello everyone. I haven’t seen many recent posts about visual novels so I don’t know how many fans are around. I thought I should share this great resource for those of you who are interested though. Give a shout out if your a fan of visual novels.

As mentioned in the title, this program will add furigana to your visual novels. It can also add machine translation but I would not rely on those. They can be helpful for getting the general idea of whats going on but they are very error prone and confusing at times. I have used them to muddle through a couple games I couldn’t wait to play though. I personally find the furigana very helpful both for recognizing words I already know the pronunciation of and for looking words up more easily. Its possible the furigana may have issues at times as well since it is done automatically but it seems pretty on point to me(my knowledge is admittedly pretty limited though).

Here is a link to the guide I used for setting the program up. [Tutorial] [VNR] How to play any japanese VN and understand it – Visual Novel RPG

Good luck and have fun reading. :grinning:



Hi!! I’m fan of visual novels (but mainly for BL ones…)

I used to utilized this program, like yearssss ago, but for some reason either the program freezes, or my game freezes every time I use it, or it doesn’t just hook in some games I play so I just stopped using it (I mainly played English translated VN up until now).

I just started playing VN in Japanese, and it’s really a hassle to draw one kanji after another in order to determine the meanings, but the writing practice is worth it :smiley:

Thanks for the resource though!

This is pretty cool, but I like to use a more minimal approch myself. I use Textractor, configured as shown here, although I don’t use it to make Anki cards.

All this does is copy the text to your clipboard so it can be inserted into a blank web page. The advantage of this is that you can use a tool like Yomichan to look up words, or even make Anki cards if you want. I find I can read very easily and I pick up a lot of words quite quickly so I’d definitely recommend trying it out.

The only issue I’ve had with Textractor is that it wouldn’t hook Clannad correctly (I suspect other VNs on the same engine will have the same issue too), so I ended up using an older tool called ITH, but it took some work to find a version that works on Windows 10 and I don’t have the link anymore.


As rilwal said, you can use Textractor together with Nazeka on firefox to look things up way more smoothly.

Textractor basically extracts the text from the VN and puts it in your clipboard so you can paste it anywhere. Nazeka automatically pastes everything in a separate window and also shows readings and meanings for any japanese that you hover over.

It’s very easy to set up; all you have to do is install Textractor, then open it and attatch it to the game (1). Then you click on the drop down (2) and select the right output channel. Just scroll through until you find the one with japanese from your game.

After that, right click the Nazeka addon in Firefox and select Open Reader. Now, every time you advance the dialogue in the game, it’s going to show up in the reader, and you can hover it for definitions.

Just make sure that Nazeka is enabled by clicking it first, otherwise it won’t show the definitions when you hover.


Thanks! It worked well with the VN I’m playing right now

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Glad to hear it!

I can’t get any of my VN’s to hook onto the Textractor.exe. It attaches to the game, but the dropdown box only shows console and also clipboard. That’s all. It doesn’t work no matter what i did.

EDIT: Got it to work, VN’s made by light had to be hooked to the main.bin, instead of the malie.exe

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