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Yeah Bustafellows is performing remarkably well considering it’s lengthy and loses the PC crowd by default. Good choice :eyes:


I forgot that fact. :woman_facepalming:


I mean you don’t have to feel bad about that! All the picks are going to exclude some people in some way; there are ones here you can’t do as well. It’s unfortunate but just a reality, and I think just letting the votes land where they do is the best answer we have.


Thanks. I guess I hadn’t thought about it like that. I’m really at peace with my own decision to only read on Switch/handheld, so doesn’t feel like being cut out in the same way, you know?

Actually talking about that. My little brother have gotten the steamdeck and that gave me a chance to ask him stuff about it. And I was like… wait a minute, does that mean I could play VNs from steam handheld? I haven’t really looked into it yet, but it seems likely and that is exciting, because that basically opens up a ton of VNs.

I’m sure there is some info about it somewhere on the forum, I just haven’t had a chance to check yet. ^^


If you want to get really wild, Linus Tech Tips even posted a video showing how to run your Switch games on the Steam Deck which opens up some pretty sweet options for everyone (except the Nintendo ninjas).


Yeah! The Steam deck is cool. The answer is yes, but with some caveats. What it’s designed to most easily do is, well, play Steam games, so by default that’s a limit. That’s not all though – it’s running on a form of linux, which doesn’t always play well with every game (or parts of games, some have everything but cutscene videos work or something like that). Valve does a pretty good job of labelling a game’s level of compatibility for you, but there is some research to do on individual games.

That’s the Steam Deck out of the box. Now, it’s technically a full computer in a handheld so if you were sufficiently motivated you can pretty much make anything work. Games can be installed from outside Steam but it’s definitely fiddlier. Ultimately all that could include fairly technical manual troubleshooting or even side-loading a Windows OS so it’s not exactly a simple matter for the average user, but it’s possible.

All that said, you definitely do still expand your options by having it.


Really interesting to see the votes, the first two choices have almost as many votes, and almost only different people too, could almost end up in two VN clubs in parallel :sweat_smile:


Hah, you’re right, I hadn’t looked closely at who had voted! I was just drawn to how we naturally created an almost perfect staircase. Strong nominations here. Wondering how much that’s people coming in for otome specifically. If we all had unlimited time I think we’d need otome club in parallel.


Well, there might be some like me, who would be interested in reading 9-nine- but had only 3 votes to give, so picked those they most wanted to read. (Well in my case, I couldn’t not vote for both my nominations, could I? So I had one other vote to give and I picked frugality of already owning one. xD)


I actually noticed the same thing haha. I thought it was interesting that the top two options have almost completely different voters. I did not realize how many otome fans we had here (and also switch users).


So I was not the only one super amused by this :joy: :joy: . Like yeah the voting is cool but meanwhile staircase go brrrrr :eyes: .



Also, Bustafellows is in first place?! :scream: :joy: :heart_eyes: I don’t know what to feel. I hadn’t expected to draw in the otome crowd from all over the forum, nor for my very long nomination to win this round. I was thinking maybe next round. :sweat_smile:

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Oops?


I’m so used to otome being a niche within a niche… pretty impressed at the amount of interest.


Otome games are completely not my thing, so I think I’ll pass this round (especially since I’m currently reading rather long Clover Day’s :wink: )


I can’t speak for anyone else obviously, but for me it’s less about otome and more about BU$TAFELLOWS specifically seeming like something I’d enjoy, what with all the crime mystery stuff and fun characters and such. I don’t think I’ve actually really played an otome before :joy: so I guess good job MissDagger? You got me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve only played a mobile otome myself, and that in English, so… Yeah, I’m kinda new to this type of specific scene. Does it count reading a lot of romance (once again not in Japanese)? :joy:

And honestly, I’m not surprised the demo seemed good to you, seemed right up your alley from what I know of Bu$tafellows (almost nothing) and your updates of other things you’ve read. xD


I guess we’re back at a tie, but if that does win, are you ok to run the club @MissDagger ? That was the specific choice I said we should look for someone else on heh. I do have a Switch but I’m not sure if I’m going to have the tolerance for a 30 hour game with no texthooking. If it does happen I’ll probably give this round a shot but may not make it so I think it’d be better to have someone else running things in case.


No worries, I’m fine running my own nominations for sure. :blush:


If I’m reading the results right it looks like there’s only one person who voted for both, so I feel like running both in parallel could be a potential option…

Maybe do a runoff vote for Bustafellows vs 9nine + parallel clubs vs commit to one?


That would technically make it two because MissDagger wanted to read both. But I kinda agree that at this point, with both picks being as highly popular and exclusive as they are, running both at the same time could be a fair compromise. Whatever gets picked will be what is read for at least four months (if we take Loopers standards), potentially more, and losing a huge chunk of the participants for such a long time kinda sucks for everyone, particularly in a club that had very limited participation in the first place, and especially after the small momentum it has with its first VN completed.

Whatever wins will exclude a lot of people, sadly. If Bu$stafellows wins it automatically loses the ones playing on PC and the ones not interested in otome. If 9-nine wins it loses the ones that came specifically for Bu$stafellows, which seems to be a lot of people. Running both concurrently sounds good, but it would force those wanting to read both to give up one, unless they’re fine with a very taxing weekly quota. In any case, even in the case 9-nine ends up winning, it’s likely that the same or a similar situation appears again in the next voting.

This is all personal opinion, but perhaps if we divide it in two this time it might help make more people participate separately, gain interest in the VN club and overall have more people for our third voting period in the future. If we only pick one, whatever option, we automatically lose 10 people, which sounds awful to me. We were already aware that some options could potentially exclude some, unfortunately, but so many? Damn.

It’s an option, anyway. We can also just continue with the voting and pick one and go with it as normal.

All of this of course supposing that all the people who voted actually join and participate, which I honestly hope so :sweat_smile: your soul belongs here now. Who would’ve thought it would be as hard as it turns out huh :joy: .