Visual Novel Book Club // Now reading: ISLAND

I just added my two nominations to the OP.

I also edited all the links to change the thread title to just x, like this for Bu$stafellows: Something about continuity with changing thread titles makes just the x a safer bet than the whole long thing. It is just in the master book club list and most of the main book clubs. Hope you guys don’t mind.


Hehe I’ve been lurking, I’ve just learned that I’m incapable of doing long-term book clubs at the same time as school :joy: so I probably won’t be joining in this time unfortunately, but if people wanna go for ATRI that’s totally fine with me! I don’t really get the impression people are leaning that way at the moment, but if that is how it goes no worries! :grin:

Oh no, your favorite font is back :joy: I’ve heard good things about BU$TAFELLOWS and I definitely want to play it sometime but who knows :eyes:


aww that’s unfortunate ;-; . Best of luck with school! I’m sure we’ll lure you in with another VN in the future :eyes: .


Aw thank you! :smiling_face: Lmao yeah I’ll inevitably get drawn in somehow, it’s not necessarily impossible this time even, we shall see :eyes:


I did indeed note the font. I have a feeling I’ll either accept it for its faulty… beauty? Functionality? Popularity? and move on :joy: or go insane :scream:.

Considering there are crazier fonts, I’ll pick the former. :woman_shrugging: :joy:


Hey folks! I’m currently too busy to do anything but low-demand beginner-level club stuff (which this certainly is not, haha), but I quickly wanted to leave a note too!

I had been stalling on Loopers chapter 8 or so for a bit until I realized that I really can’t keep up at the moment and silently dropped out for now. But I enjoyed it a lot, both the VN and the discussions here, fully intend on finishing it one day (but perhaps only after like half a year or longer of getting better at this with media that are more my speed, because it was really demanding for me), and I’m certain I’ll join this club again afterwards.

Thanks for reading with me, answering my questions and entertaining my theories! And of course, thanks for organizing this, @Daisoujou! It gave me a great introduction to this medium, and certainly made me hungry for more.


Hey everyone, I meant to give notice earlier today but I’ve had the most exhausting day, needed a new car for ages now and spent pretty much my entire day dealing with salesmen, banks, etc. As I am typing these words to you, I feel like death!

That said, I think starting voting tomorrow sounds good if that info doesn’t panic anyone. You can let me me know if you’re trying to carve out time to make a nomination post the way MissDagger did, just please post a quick message soon if you need time. Otherwise, I’m anxious to see where this is headed.

I share the same general uncertainties and concerns re:length on those picks that @MissDagger and @Sylph discussed, but can’t say I have a good solution since every option is tricky. Partial reads would be a little unfortunate though maybe not totally unacceptable (and it’s true my VN is kind of a partial read itself, simply packaged differently, so if it happens to win it works as a sort of trial – but we’ll figure out something in the end for yours if one of those wins). That kind of feels like a discussion easiest to have along with scheduling after we’ve voted so we can have more space to get the mood of the whole group focused on one VN – but people need to know what is being done to consider in their votes so :exploding_head:. All I really have to add is we can always be flexible to the group’s desires in the midst of things; more than any other club I think we have to be open to adaptations partway through. Should we, say, get started on reading every route of something particularly lengthy, if there’s a way to semi-elegantly decide to stop it midway through, we can talk about that. Probably with a fairly significant majority only because I don’t want people to think we’re going to start and not finish anything, but you know, adaptability there too should a situation call for it. Adaptability everywhere.

It was nice to have you, and I look forward to hearing from you when you do get around to finishing! This medium unfortunately just doesn’t allow for truly easy or low time-commitment picks, so I expect it to have a bit of a long tail and will do my best if I can manage to engage at the time you get around to it. Surely someone will, anyway. Super cool to hear from people getting into VNs themselves as well. Best of luck with your learning, see you in a little while :slightly_smiling_face:

Didn’t even get much sleep before all this so I’m gonna go pass out or something


I’ve wanted to read this because I really like the creator (same as Loopers actually), but judging from my JPDB coverage stats it’ll definitely require some studying beforehand.


I changed my mind and decided to nominate something from this list of beginner friendly VNs.




Developer: Gensou Eigakan
VNDB Play Time: 7h39m


One night a boy went out and met a vampire with white hair and stuff. Look the font is hard to read and the dev put the freaking summary into a picture. They do some slice of life stuff. Play in school. Meet a cat. Woohoo!


Available for free through the dev’s website (linked on VNDB).

Personal Opinion

It’s free. There’s a cute vampire chick.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Short (48.4k characters by my count)
  • Simple language and daily life* scenarios.
  • Did I mention the cursor turns into a heart!?
  • There’s a cute vampire and a black kitty.


  • Only two characters.
  • Is actually a joke submission.
  • * Daily life = constant R18



Difficulty Poll

How much effort would you need to read this VN?

  • No effort at all
  • Minimal effort
  • Moderate effort
  • Significant effort
  • So much effort my head might explode
  • I don’t know
  • It’s NNN
  • Breaks rule #1

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Vote time!

Hey everyone; it’s election day! Make sure you get out there and vote for your favorite visual novel :wink:

I ran the last poll for one week so yeah sure, let’s do that. The options seem to like to reset themselves so here’s hoping I got this all correct :crossed_fingers:

Voting ends on the 15th. 3 votes per person. Check out the links in the top post for information on our choices

  • キラキラモンスターズ
  • マルコと銀河竜
  • ATRI -My Dear Moments-
  • fault - milestone one
  • 月影のシミュラクル
  • D.M.L.C.-デスマッチラブコメ-
  • 9-nine-ここのつここのかここのいろ
  • 終のステラ
  • 百花百狼 戦国忍法帖 (Nightshade)

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Oh I ended up copying @AzusaChan 's votes, heh. Extremely hard for me to narrow down, almost considered just voting against my own nomination lol. In the end I think for pick 2 I personally want to still shoot for the lower end of reading time so that guided a lot of my decision-making, but I do genuinely want to read the longer things so we’ll make them work if they happen, and if they don’t yet I think having them here as options will be great after we go through another pick or two.


Would be nice to have links to the nomination posts


They’re in the top post


We just have great taste :wink: :joy:

I feel the same way about still going with something on the lower end of reading time which kind of influenced my vote (some of the other VNs I’ve also read in English before so I didn’t want to re-read). I thought about voting for D.M.L.C. but the no voice acting kind of turned me away for now. The story in that one sounds like it’d be a lot of fun though.


I had to vote for both my nominations, right? And I already bought Marco back when because FLCL plus Excel Saga is still a combo I want to read.

I must say that 9-nine- is also super interesting and I might move one of my votes there (if needed, for now I will promote my too long submissions xD). And I’m mentioning this because I saw there is a physical (that is cheaper than the eshop version :star_struck:), so I’ll probably be buying physical if it wins. Just an FYI. ^^


Here I am having bought Marco and Atri (on sale) and voting for neither :clown_face:


Woot! When I nominated two long otomes, I thought they wouldn’t have a chance. And while I think maybe it would be good for something shorter to win this next round. The interest is enough that maybe next vote. :smiley:

Although if 9-nine- wins, and everyone wants to keep reading, all the routes together are longer than Bustafellows even (46h, from VNDB, counting the separate routes including the extra episode; Bustafellows is “only” 35h). So GO AHEAD AND VOTE FOR THE OTOME INSTEAD! :wink:


If anyone’s interested, here are my reading times for 9-nine- (I consider myself slow JP reader)
Ep. 1 - ここのつここのかここのいろ - 12h30m
Ep. 2 - そらいろそらうたそらのおと - 16h
Ep. 3 - はるいろはるこいはるのかぜ - 16h30m
Ep. 4 - ゆきいろゆきはなゆきのあと - 19h
Epilogue - 新章 - 6h

BTW I haven’t noticed it before, but it’s nice how each episode’s title has the same number of kana, so they line up nicely :slight_smile:


If you think you are slow, then I’m probably snail :snail: pace or slower. :joy:

Not being down on myself btw, just aware of where I am. I’ll get quicker as my vocabulary grows. :muscle:

(Also, look ups by phone is much slower than yomichan/safarikai. :sob:)


What a hard poll ;-; . Honestly I want to read many of the options proposed, my last vote was super painful to give thinking that I had to give up other options for it :joy: .

Marco is on sale -50% on Steam btw until 14th Nov, it’s a good deal regardless of the voting results if you have interest in it.