Using WK System for grammar

WK really did a great job for me, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have come that far kanjiwise without it.

Now I would like to use WK SRS for my grammar studies as well, because I feel like they are lacking structure. Usually I practice a certain grammar structure once but then don’t come back to it at all or not quickly enough.

I could use Anki, but I can’t change it to the exact WK System (Maybe there is some secret way?).

And having physical flashcards seems theoretical possible, but keeping track manually of when to review what seems a little to time consuming.

Does anyone know a program or maybe a different way to get grammar into long term memory?



You beat me to it!!


Ah, thank you. I will definitely have a look at that site!


I just signed up for the BunPro website, and tried out a few lessons/reviews. I’ll need to use it for a few days at least to see how it goes, but my initial impressions are really good, nice work! The UI is clean and simple, and it all seems pretty intuitive so far. I especially like how you provide links to external grammar sources for study, a nice touch.

There’s probably something to be said for making your own grammar flashcards, as I find making your own helps me to remember them better. However, Anki can be a bit of a pain to use, and time consuming. Your BunPro website seems like a nice potential alternative.

@Thofte, if you want Anki to review your flashcards at the same intervals as Wanikani, change the options for the deck.

Next to each deck, there is a cogwheel (settings) dropdown button.

Click on it and select options.

Change Steps (in minutes) to whatever intervals you want. e.g. 1 1 30 240 480 1440 2880 4320 5760 means 1 minute, 1 minute, 30 minutes, 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days.

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Thanks! I had been there but I didn’t get what it meant ^^

By launching the N3 Update it just got way more interesting :wink:

So I just applied that and thanks again! But if I get something wrong then I would drop back by one level, right? But WK makes you drop back 2. Maybe you also know of a way to fix that? :smiley:

Hi @Thofte, Anki has its own algorithm for dealing with a wrong answer. I have never tried to make Anki mimic wanikani exactly. I have been happy to leave it at the default setting. My objective was to get more exposure to the learning items which give me difficulty. We can get more exposure by reading more widely, writing out the characters or reviewing them in Anki.

However, you can look in the “lapses” button of the same popup box. There appears to be another set of intervals. I don’t really know what the other fields on panel do.

Thanks again! I think I made it work now! To be honest acctually I wanted to use the WK system for my law studies aswell, but didn’t really know in which category to put it, so I only asked about grammar :stuck_out_tongue:

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