[Userscript] WK Anki Mode

It seems that WK has reverted back to the old answer submit method. You can probably just reinstall the original script version from the OP. But I have also updated the modified script in my previous post so that it automatically uses the appropriate method of the two.


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Thank you so much!

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Hey All,

I decided to add some support for the double check 2.0 add-on since it was causing this add-on to break for me. I also decided to add some styling to the buttons to be more in line with wanikani colors.
I used @irrelephant changes as a base as well as some changes from @ezhmd.

You can use 1 or K for correct and 2 or L for Incorrect. You may also hit enter to submit the answer. Also if you have the double check add on you can also use backspace or esc to reset the question. I will try to maintain this for personal use so if anyone decides to use this and runs into an issue let me know and I will try my best to fix it.

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Hi, is it possible for me to change the keybinds corresponding to the answer buttons? The way it’s set up is pretty unintuitive, at least for me. I looked at the section of code corresponding to the answer buttons, but being unexperienced with coding, I don’t really know what to make of it. Ideally, I’d like to set it to “Space”(Show Answer) “Space”(Correct) “1”(Mark Incorrect) “Space”(Next Word). Or really anything else if it’s possible. Thanks.

Thanks for the script, is it just me but when I put 1, it sometimes marks as wrong-RED, and sometimes when I type 2, it marks as correct-GREEN. Does anyone know how to fix this?


It’s possible to change the keybinding to other keys. I can update the script to make this easier to change. It may not be the exact behavior you’re requesting but I can get a simple version of it out quickly.

Do you know which version of the script you are using? If you are using the one I updated could you give me your version number and are you using the double-check add-on?

Thank you for your reply.

I"m using version 1.7.2. based on the link provided on the top

I must have installed two separate ones because one of them says

“wanikani anki mode” and “wk anki mode”

both have the same issues

Either the script update or some instruction would be fine. For the time being I found I could make it somewhat faster with double check’s lightning mode. Thank you.

This script is incredible, I am using the one compatible with doublecheck 2.0 posted above

but now I am stuck in this.

It shows 3 dots when I type 2 for incorrect, So far it was working great, I typed 2, the info expand below showing the information about the item.

But this one I cant go on. How to fix?

I have just pushed 1.8.3. On line 24 and 28 you can add or remove the corresponding keycodes that control correct or incorrect marking of the answers. I wouldn’t recommend adding space, esc, or backspace to those lists. I haven’t tested with those but they are used with a lot of other add-ons and default wanikani behavior. Hope this helps.

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I just pushed a fix for this error. Please update to 1.8.4

Thanks for telling me and please let me know if it solves the issue for you as well.

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I would recommend only having one version of the script installed. What version is the wanikani anki mode one? The script I am maintaining is currently on 1.8.4.

wouldn’t it be better for you to create a new thread with your script updated to 1.8.4 and saying this is an updated version of this one?

This way people will see the link in OP and keep updated, otherwise we would download that version 1.7.2 (old I believe).

Since this is based off the original authors and others contributions I’m not sure what the etiquette is with creating another post. I have thought about rewriting the script entirely and adding some additional features if the demand is there. In that case I will definitely make another post.

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What usually happens in similar situations in other script is when the original author doesn’t show up anymore someone takes over the script and starts another thread. If the original author comes back and wants to reclaim the script to new author just hands over his version.

If there is a thorough rewrite a new name is used for the script to show this is something new the original author has no right to reclaim.


Thank you for the information I decided to make a new thread.

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I have made a new thread here. I will be posting any updates to the version I am maintaining there. This new version has a menu system for changing the hotkeys and delay setting for compatibility with double check. Just make sure to uninstall the version posted in this thread before installing the new version as they are different links on greasy fork due to some breaking changes.